Friday, September 07, 2007

'The Missing Hijab 2 & the Jew,' and the Missing Humor of the MSA

Little Green Footballs, (and also American Thinker , and Protein Wisdom ), are giving their readers a chance to appreciate a grossly unamusing video, entitled “The Missing Hijab 2 & the Jew,” created by members of the Muslim Student Association at the University of Texas--San Antonio.

What with its roots in the Muslim Brotherhood, its being joined at the hip with CAIR, and its craven deceitfulness in posing as a campus student organization to disguise its unswerving mission to impose Islam on all of us by slow degrees, we at Dearborn Underground haven’t got much sympathy for the MSA.

Take a look at this video. Then ask yourself if you want your tax dollars spent to install ritual footbaths so guys like this can wash their feet?


Anonymous said...

Hey T.R. Clancy!

The video has been pulled by Youtube....Anything Anti-Muslim like that gets thrown down the old memory hole very quickly...Did anyone post on a more friendly website?

T.R. Clancy said...

It was on Little Green Footballs, and you're right. Today it's "no longer available." I'm afraid I can't find another site.

This is not surprising. It makes the MSA look very bad, and when it got attention from quarters they didn't want, down it came.