Monday, September 10, 2007

Muslims on Parade

Scott at Power Line posts the following:


Two days before the sixth anniversary of 9/11, hundreds of Muslims paraded down Madison Avenue chanting and waving flags from around the globe as they marched Sunday in the 22nd annual American Muslim Day Parade. The timing is in-your-face and the news coverage is scant. Newsday was there, although its story is a little light:
Parade-goer Khalilah Shabazz, of Newark, N.J., said the event was "beautiful."

"We're all Muslims," she said. "We're all one big family. Just loving each other. Just pure love."

Pamela Geller attended the march protest noted in the Newsday article. She has posted a report with evidence of the love you could you feel all around the parade. Pamela interviews the gentleman above, whose placards include a request to "Ban the Talmud."

The parade leaves one unresolved mystery. Organizers had advertised Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison as the parade's grand marshall. Rep. Ellison claimed that other commitments prevented his attendance. Perhaps he was observing a cooling off period in honor of his recent appointment to the Congressional Task Force on Anti-Semitism.


Anonymous said...

Please note another sign in the picture. "Muslims AGAINST democracy and Western values". What more proof is needed that Islam is dangerous, than American Muslims openly stating they stand AGAINST democracy?

Anonymous said...

Note the sign the man in the photo is holding "Muslims Against Democracy and Western Values" - wouldn't that about also sum up the views of most Democrats these days?

Wendy Woodley