Thursday, September 27, 2007

Laughter Is the Best Medicine, But Don't Overdose

John le Carré wrote this descriptive line in his novel, The Night Manager.

“Madame Latulipe let out the peal of wild laughter that is the signature-tune of humourless people.”

I don't mean to suggest that a lack of humor is a character flaw. I look on it as merely a defect, like baldness or being color-blind. Where the character issue comes in is when a humor-challenged person tries to fake a fairly unfakeable human response.

From the Jon Stewart Show: "Hillary Showcases Her 'Humanity'"

Actually, these are not the best examples of Senator Clinton's odd laughter. In these clips she comes across more like those romantic-comedy film actresses from the early 1960s who get silly from too much champagne.

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