Thursday, September 06, 2007

LaShish: More Than Just a Restaurant, It's a Hezbollah Soap Opera

The Talal Chahine web has caught another victim, and it still isn’t Talal Chahine.

Now Chahine’s sister-in-law, Dr. Rula Nadim Al-Aouar, is being charged in federal court with obtaining her citizenship fraudulently, because her family paid a man $1,000 to marry her in 1992. (“Sister-in-law of LaShish owner charged with fraud").

She never lived with the man, Timojin Steven Pruett, who was a dishwasher at the time (we can just guess where). He told the feds the couple never had marital contact beyond a brief kiss at the marriage ceremony. Pruett didn’t even take his rubber gloves off.

Within a year Al-Aouar was admitting to immigration officials the marriage wasn’t working out, and they ordered her to leave the country by November 1993. In response, she requested asylum, citing her fear of being persecuted by Hezbollah if she returned to Lebanon. Dr. Al-Aouar eventually managed to become an OB-GYN, but at the time of the paid-for marriage she was only a waitress at Chahine’s restaurant, LaShish.

Dr. Al-Aouar is the sister of Elfat El Aouar, who is Chahine’s second ex-wife, and another beneficiary of Chahine's bad medicine. Elfat El Aouar pleaded guilty to money laundering in December 2006, and went away to jail last May. She got in trouble for helping her husband skim millions in unreported LaShish receipts that he then forwarded to Hezbollah. She apparently didn’t get the same timely warning her husband did that the authorities were closing in. Chahine skedaddled owing $20 million in back taxes, and is comfortably untouchable now in Lebanon.

Then there’s Chahine’s son, Khalil Talal Chahine, who’s been in prison since his conviction in April 2005 for second degree murder, felonious assault and felony firearm after he and an accomplice--his brother-in-law, Ali El-Ozeir--shot down a romantic rival after a fight over a girl. Ali El-Ozeir fled to Lebanon, where last we heard he was being mistreated in a Beirut prison with standards far below those at Gitmo.

Then in January of this year, we learned about the plight of Talal Chahine’s illegitimate 7-year-old daughter, Aliyah, the love-child of another LaShish-related arrangement. (“La Shish Owner Sought as Deadbeat Dad”). Chahine’s baby mama, Wendy Whitelaw, was unfortunate enough to be another of LaShish's waitresses when Chahine was "between wives." Since Chahine skipped the country he stopped paying his child support to Whitelaw, and now mother and daughter are trying to make ends meet on food stamps and Medicaid.

Everything this bum touches turns to tears. Who knows if, hiding out with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, anything ever touches him?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Clancy for this one and so many others!

"Pruett didn't even take his
gloves off"

Mrs. Goddard

Anonymous said...

Earlier this year, the LaShish on Van Dyke in Warren was flying the Hezbollah flag under the American flag. I seen it late afternoon- early eveing, the next day it was gone.

Anonymous said...

You dont even know any of these people. You should be ashmed of yourself and your comments. And just for you to know Wendy's daughter lives on child support paid by Chahine. And I have a feel you havent helped with anything not even half of what Talal Chahine(you should learn how to spell his name)had.

T.R. Clancy said...


You are right. I did misspell his name.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Look up the commonly used English word "ashamed". You will find the correct spelling. While you are at it, learn how to intelligently use our language, or don't speak at all. How pathetic.

With that said... go home to your own country you piece of crap. Your pathetic.

Anonymous said...

1. No proof of Chahine ever supporting Hezbollah.

2. Hezbollah only labeled a "terrorist group" by the US and Britain. Otherwise they are known as a resistance group around the world. Also, name one oct of terrorism commited by them.

3. While Chahine may have not been a poster child for morally upright Muslims, he along with other hard working Arabs helped Dearborn to become a flourishing city as compared to the desolate ghost town it once was prior to the 80's

4. Income tax is unconstitutional and has only been put into practice during the early 1900's as means for wealthy bank owners to make even more money than they once were. Chahine may have only been practicing his right as an American to not pay taxes and keep the money he rightfully earned and worked hard for.

5. Other than tax evasion, he is a generally model citizen. A true American success story. No history of violence, drug dealing, or other illicit activities other than tax evasion which itself is uncontitutional conviction.

6. The reason why so many Lebanese sympathize with Hezbollah is the fact that they are the only resistance group that has kept Lebanon in Lebanese hands instead of Israel's. The reason why a person may have put the Hezbollah flag over the American flag (which in no way means Chahine himself authorized this as it is a very dumb business move) is becuase of the intense compassion of plight Lebanon had went through due to severe Israeli aggression in which America, a country who unconditionally supports Israel, did not lift one finger to help stop the bloodshed of hundreds of civilians de to Israel using every weapon at their disposal against a small resistance group with guns, outdated rockets, and grenades.

7. What has the feds accomplished other than utterly ruining an entire family???

Anonymous said...

Dear racist anonymous asshole,

As the United States is a "country of immigrants" why dont you go back to your country? It seems so many are upset with the Arabs in Dearborn. Many seem upset with Arabs as a whole. I can only imagine what it's like for you racist whom I assume are white. You see Dearborn full of the Arab doctors, engineers, lawyers, judges, business owners and your hatred for them only grows as you believe it is you that should be reaping the benfits of hard work not some "camel jockey immigrant" Well sir or madam, I inform you that as long as we're in this country, as long as it's a free country, and as long as we're able to succeed then we're staying. If your going to justify us "getting out of your country" based on a typo, then perhaps it is you that should "talk more intelligently" and educate yourself. Do you even know if this person who made a mistake is an arab anyways? Being a racist and being an intelligent person cannot coexist. Grow up!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the rumor that Chahine is inadaquate with the chicks is true or not? I heard he was on every ED medication available. It was amazing he was able to sire the love child! Hope he's reading this with his Hezbollah buddies.

T.R. Clancy said...

Chahine's ED status--now what'd that one guy say? that's above my pay grade!

Anonymous said...

Apparently his ED status was well known within the hooker community. There were also rumors of illegal genital shavings being performed back in the dirty kitchens at LaShish while he was skimming loot from the cash register.

Anonymous said...

"Other than tax evasion, he is a generally model citizen. A true American success story. No history of violence, drug dealing, or other illicit activities other than tax evasion which itself is uncontitutional conviction"

Right, this guy is a skumbag terrorist supporter who has a murderer for a son and a fellow partner in crime tax cheat for an ex-wife; both who are in federal prison. He has planted seed all over the place (even with ED) and has a love child that he does not support. If he's such an "upstanding" kind of guy; why won't he come back to the U.S. to clear his stinking name like he said he would. I wonder how is ED is cramping his style with the Lebanese babes?

Anonymous said...

Yes, rumor had it he was quite active with the hookers at the same time he was doing the mother of his love child. A real skirt chaser with lots of concerns about ED and STD's. The guy was a legend, "in his own mind". He will never come back to the U.S. because he knows he will end up in jail with his son and wife.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the terrorist scumbags son wants out of prison...sounds like the boys in prison might not be takin kindly to the Stinky Chahine! Reports are he's got some ED medication of his own there in the slammer; just like his old man did while planting seed over here. Keep him caged up like the animal he is!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the mere word that his murderering son is trying to skip prison brings out all the gossip. Word is springing up all over the strip bar community that the old man could not perform without downing a handfull of ED pills and many of the dancers said he was hung like a dwarf. Bet he's a real hit with all the Hezbollah babes; a real stud! Come on back to the U.S. you POS stinking tax cheat...we are waiting for you.

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Anonymous said...

All i can say is i am both a friend of Wendy, and also part Lebanese and think this Talal Chahine dick head should be found, draged back to Michigan, hung by his balls in front of live news cameras, and shot to death. If he is such an upstanding guy why did he run back to lebanon and leave his family behind, and a very beautiful child and mother to fend for them selves. And speaking of Wendy and Aliyah...they are much better off without this asshole and all his negitive bullshit. They are two very strong women and I love them both for what they have overcome.

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