Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TSA and CAIR Agree on Profiling Exception

If your local TSA inspector has to decide if a female with a headscarf on is a Muslim, in order to obey the new rule exemtping that passenger from secondary screening, is that profiling? Or rather, isn't it reverse profiling?

Andrew Whitehead, director of the Anti-CAIR website, sends the following update explaining that this exact procedure is now policy, thanks to pressure from CAIR:

CAIR Calls for Profiling of Muslims in the United States.

On September 20, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Washington DC based Islamic terrorism supporting group, issued a press release titled “CAIR Welcomes TSA Policy Change on Islamic Scarf”.

From the article:

“Following discussions with community leaders of several faiths, including a representative of CAIR's Dallas-Fort Worth chapter, TSA officials have accepted a proposed modification to the August 4 policy. According to the updated policy, Muslim women who wear a head cover that is attached to the contour of the head, with no space between the scarf and the head, should not be subjected to a secondary screening. That style of cover is worn by the majority of Muslim women who wear scarves.”

In a radical departure from past positions, CAIR is now calling on government agents to profile Muslims…in order to provide them special rights denied to non-Muslims.

Additionally, CAIR has signaled its Islamist terrorist masters that Muslim women are now America’s newest privileged protected class and that they are now the perfect venue to smuggle unauthorized items aboard American airliners.

What could be the possible results of this latest appeasement of radical Islam?


- A piece of sharpened carbon fiber, form-fitted to the head and covered with a scarf.

- A plastic letter-opener secreted in the folds.

- Any number of items, such as malleable plastic explosives, that could be formed to the contours of the head.

Let’s not forget that there was time when the idea that an airliner could be taken over with a box cutter was laughable.

After 9-11, is anyone laughing?

Leaving aside the obvious security implications of this new policy, what about the rights of other travelers?

For instance:

- How will Mennonites, Jews, and other faiths that wear head-coverings react to the idea that they are to be subjected to searches that Muslims are excused from?

- The first amendment to the Constitution demands that all faiths be treated equally under the law; how does this square with government employees giving preferential treatment to Muslims?

- How will the airport inspectors determine someone is a Muslim? (Will they ask? Will Muslim travelers be provided a Muslim-only ID card? Will there be Muslim-only lines at the airport? We already have Muslim-only foot baths at some airports, is it really a stretch to call for Muslim-only lines?) Will they...dare we say it….”profile” Muslims?

The bottom line: CAIR is approving of the TSA PROFILING Muslim women!

How much more appeasement are we going to stand for before we realize that radical Islam is not only making us second-class citizens in our own country, but that we are tripping all over ourselves to help them do it?

CAIR and their terrorist masters must certainly see this turn of events as nothing more than another example of Americans surrendering to the fist of radical Islam.

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