Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Plan of the Muslim Brotherhood

We're happy to see the shadowy side of the Muslim Brotherhood getting more attention.

Editorial columnist Rod Dreher, at the Dallas Morning News, explores the meaning of the "explanatory memorandum" created by the Muslim Brotherhood in the early 1990s, and made an exhibit by the Justice Department in the Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas.

In our recent post, "Just What Is the MSA?", we wrote some about this memo, and the Muslim Brotherhood's plans for "civilizational jihad" in North America.

Dreher does much the same thing, though for a much wider audience. In view about how primal fear of being accused of Islamophobia keeps the media from publicizing even the most shocking examples of jihadist fifth-column activity in the US, every article putting people on notice of these things is a gem.

Here's an excerpt, and you should read here the rest of Dreher's column, "What the Muslim Brotherhood means for the U.S."

According to a 2004 Chicago Tribune investigation, establishing the Brotherhood in the United States has been a 40-year project that has worked mostly underground – even beneath the notice of many Muslims. Richard Clarke, the former top U.S. national security official, told the Senate in 2003 that the Muslim Brotherhood is the common thread linking terrorist fundraising schemes in the United States – which likely explains why so many mainstream American Muslim organizations were named by the feds as "unindicted co-conspirators" in the HLF trial. Is this just alarmist paranoia? Not at all.

This matters because high-profile organizations with roots explicitly in the Muslim Brotherhood have successfully established themselves in a paramount position to define Islam in America according to a radical politicized model. And they've done so without the American public having the slightest idea about their real agenda.


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Anonymous said...

How far are they into the 40-year plan? Does anyone really know? Thank you.