Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dearborn Police Profile Area Man Just for Being a Medical Student

Dearborn Underground can now report with high confidence that Executive Director of CAIR-Michigan, Dawud Walid, will soon announce that the arrest made by Dearborn police of 26-year-old Dearborn resident Houssein Zorkot at Hemlock Park on Saturday night, who at the time was dressed in fatigues, armed with an AK-47, had his face blacked out with camouflage paint, and who fought back against police so hard (Zorkot boasts martial-arts and kickboxing training) that he had to be tasered by police in order to be subdued, (“Man with AK-47 assault rifle arrested after leaving Dearborn's Hemlock Park”), was profiled and arrested for no other reason than that he was a Muslim.

Now that we have that out of the way, we should also mention that Zorkot, a third-year medical student at Wayne State University, was charged on Tuesday “on multiple felony charges, including carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent — a five-year felony.” Police told WXYZ-TV that the AK-47 was loaded. according to the report on WXYZ-TV news, Zorkot’s bond was also set at $1 million, cash, without the customary ten percent deposit, with the result that he remains in jail.

On the day of his arrest, September 8, he had posted on his website photo gallery a new category, “The Start of My Personal Jihad (in the US)”.

It contained only a single photo.

Note the barrel pointing at you in the little round inset.

Zorkot is a fervent supporter of Hezbollah. Other galleries show pictures of Zorkot visiting South Lebanon, where he posed proudly before missile launchers and posters of Sheikh Nasrallah, (known locally by many here in Dearborn as “Our Leader!”).

As sure as night follows day,CAIR’s soon-to-be-made announcement will blame the young man’s arrest on profiling and Islamophobia, but CAIR is not expected to mention details about Hemlock Park being in the heart of Muslim East Dearborn; in other words, that the scene of the arrest was within a short nightstick’s toss of thousands of profileable Arab Muslims, many of whom were not carrying AK-47s, and who still were not arrested by Dearborn police on September 8 for anything.

Nor is CAIR expected to mention that Dearborn's finest were not cruising around that night looking for Muslims to tase when they targeted the innocent Hemlock Park personal jihadist. The cops in fact were responding to resident reports of a man carrying a rifle in the area. (DU has not been able to confirm whether or not the upcoming CAIR press release will include the standard claim that, had reports of a sniper running around with an assault rifle originated in a nonMuslim neighborhood, police would not have bothered to respond. We are just now investigating potential CAIR legal threats to sue the tattle-tale residents for calling police in violation of Zorkot's civil rights).

According to the WXYZ-TV report, Dearborn's Mayor John O'Reilly has issued a press release indicating all requests for comments about this case are to be made directly to him. We have been unable to obtain a copy of this press release, even on the city hall website, (which really violates the whole spirit of a "press release," in our amateurish view).

But WXYZ states that the Mayor's press release explains how he “did not want the public to make a connection between this case and the anniversary of September 11.” This decision by the Mayor causes problems on several levels, but the most frustrating one is that we were just getting ready to connect this up with September 11, and now we can't!

(When we called to ask about permission for the public to connect this case up with Ramadan, we were told for that we had to consult Imam Hassan Qazwini's anticipated press release forbidding that, too.)

Watch and and be amazed at just how fast this story vanishes like the magician's silver dollar.


Anonymous said...

You might also add that the reason he was arrested was because a Muslim (aka muzzie, moon rock lover, or any other comical euphemism that humors your bigotry) called in about the suspicious activity. Only then did police stop and investigate. What he did was down right terrible and should be prosecuted to the fullest of extent. With that said, your criticism of ALL Muslims with your rotten to the core bigotry alienates them so that maybe next time they won't be as enthusiastic about reporting any suspicious activity. But I am pretty sure that 's what you want. Bad PR against Muslims probably gives you an erection.

billybabble said...


How do you know the caller was a muslim? Because it was in a predominatly muslim neighborhood? I listened to the 911 call over at LGF. The caller actually sounded black. That's not to say he WASN'T a muslim, he may very well have been. If you are muslim, I would suggest your tirades be directed at those in your faith responsible for bankrupting what little credibility Islam has left as a 'peacefull' legitimate religion than to rail aginst those that point out the attacks being carried out on those that would prefer to live in peace. Maybe then the 'bigotry' as you call it would subside.

T.R. Clancy said...


Is that you Dawud? If so, we're glad to hear you have found the activity, any activity, of a committed jihadist and Hezbollah supporter "down right terrible."

As to my criticism of ALL Muslims, you have not found any such thing in this post nor on our site, nor will you find we have ever used any expressions like "Muzzie" or "moon rock lover." I'm sure such expressions have been used by commenters, but our comments forum is open to all, and we welcome all comments, even from CAIR members.

As to what does or doesn't give me an erection, I find that off the subject, don't you? Ordinarily, my SPAM filter intercepts those kinds of inquiries.

Anonymous said...

The caller was indeed an Arab Muslim, I actually know him. My friend's house overlooks Hemlock Park. An atrocity was averted not because of wire tapping, CIA interception, NSA spying but simply because a fellow American Muslim found the activity highly suspicious. If you want to report on the evils of terrorism, I have no exception and fully support you. But if you want disunite all American citizens against legitimate organizations like CAIR and other law abiding Muslims then I can't stand back and watch. In a community of 250,000 Muslim/Arabs your bound to run into some rotten apples filled with hatred. But people like you with their satirist CAIR references and Muslim hatred are part of the problem, not the solution.

billybabble said...


When you dis-asscociate yourself from groups like CAIR and instead join groups like the PTA let me know. CAIR is at a minimum, a devisive organization. Like the NAACP, CAIR does NOT want you to assimilate into American society, they want you to play the victim for them. They don't want equal treatment, they want special treatment. CAIR is a lie, when you admit that, stand on you own two feet, and vociferously denounce those that are using you for their own financial, political, and 'religious' intentions, then, and only then will YOU begin to become part of the solution instead of the problem. You think, in a community of 250,000 muslims, there would be HUGE demononstrations denouncing the "bad apples' you speak of. I don't see those demonstrations, but I have seen bushels and bushels and bushels of 'bad apples'.

I'm not that gullible anon. It's up to YOU to prove your allegience, not me, I'm the one in the crosshairs and I don't like it one bit, nor will I stand silent.

darby shaw said...

CAIR is not a legitimate organization nor is it an organization that unites and speaks on behalf of the American Muslim population.

You mention our community as having 250,000 (more like 25,000) Muslims. Well, are you aware that according to government tax files, CAIR has only 1,700 members nationwide?

These numbers don't seem to support your implicating CAIR as a unifying force.

Well, CAIR certainly does spend a lot of time and cash representing someone's interests- Who could it be?
The NYT confirmed UAE and Saudi Arabia as being just two of several Persian Gulf Governments financially backing CAIR.

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Maktoum's foundation put up almost $1 million for CAIR's DC property, and pledged $50 million more to help CAIR build larger headquarters, replenish its legal war chest and fund a nationwide pro-Islam propaganda campaign.

We'll be sure to send the Sheikh a note and let him know his money was not wasted on you.

This blog's contributors do not hate.

Mr. Walid's modus operandi in avoiding scrutiny is to lard his speech with accusations of islamophobia and bigotry. But, criticism does not imply nor is it equal to hate.

Anonymous said...

No one seems to want to touch on the issue that Mayor O'Reilly had the city withhold information on this event for 4 days, even stonewalling the local paper for a day because as he was quoted "he did not want to inflame anti muslim sentiment" near 9-11 so he put off info on this until after the date. Think of it, the city witholding information on this crime for political correct purposes. This is almost as bad as the event itself and an indication of how far Dearborn has gone down.

Anonymous said...

Clancy Cleans CAIR Clown's Clock

Anonymous said...

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