Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not Exactly the Way Chuck Colson Does It

Now that they’re in jail the Fort Dix Six are making a good use of their time by trying to recruit fellow inmates into joining Al Qaeda. (“U.S.: Fort Dix Attack Plot Suspects Promoting Terror in Jail”).

Federal authorities say one of the men accused of planning an attack on soldiers at the Fort Dix army base gave another inmate in a federal detention center an Al Qaeda recruitment video and another wrote a note referring to the fight “we weren't able to finish.”

The U.S. Attorney's Office made the allegations in a brief filed in U.S. District Court late Tuesday to oppose the suspects' request to be granted bail….

In the legal filing, the government said Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer gave another inmate a copy of an Al Qaeda-produced DVD last month. Guards found the disc in a book in the detention center's law library.

Government lawyers said in the filing that “the fact the defendant Shnewer and, perhaps, his co-conspirators may be spreading jihadist recruitment videos to other inmates clearly raises grave security concerns for the warden, and, again, supports the reasonableness of continued administrative detention for these defendants.”….

The government also said that suspect Eljvir Duka and another inmate were passing notes.

In one note, the government said, Duka wrote, "Now you see why we were going to sacrifice all for the sake of Allah in jihad" and referred to the fight “we weren't able to finish.”

The government said detention center staff confronted Duka about the notes. According to the filing, he acknowledged he was passing them but said they only dealt with “issues such as the quality of the food” behind bars.

That last part actually sounds plausible. Suppose the note actually described how the inmates were ready to “sacrifice all” on account of the “fries we weren’t able to finish,” limp and inedible from being reheated 3 nights in a row:

“Insha’Allah, we’ll get no leftovers from our 72 virgins! Allahu Akhbar!”

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Anonymous said...

Why don't they separate these guys from the rest of the inmates? It's scary to think they might be spreading their poison to men who already have trouble getting along in the civilized world.