Friday, December 14, 2007

Houssein Zorkot Update

Houssein Zorkot appeared this morning for his preliminary exam in Dearborn's district court.

Zorkot’s preliminary examination has been delayed several weeks because the defendant was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation determining his competency to stand trial. This morning the court accepted the stipulation of both the prosecution and the defense, agreeing with the forensic report stating Zorkot is competent, and, in fact, “normal,” for purposes of standing trial.

Zorkot thereafter waived his right to his preliminary exam. Next he will be formally arraigned (December 28th) and bound over for trial in circuit court.

Over the prosecution's objections, the court agreed with the defendant that the $1M bond was too high, and recommended that it be lowered to a $100,000 cash bond, . Assuming Zorkot can meet the bond, he will be released with a tether, and confined to his home.

Family members and friends of Zorkot were present in the courtroom ready to vouch, if called upon, that if Zorkot were released from jail he would pose no further threat, nor try to flee. At the same time, the Wayne State University medical school, (where Zorkot had been studying medicine prior to his arrest), sent a representative to court expressly to reiterate that, even if Zorkot were released on bond, he would still not be allowed to return to the school.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I couldn't get there this morning due to other unexpected obligaitons.

Not pleased that he may get out on bail, but a tether is better than nothing. We'll soon see if he violates it.

Anonymous said...

You can still blow up a bomb, spread jihad propaganda, and shoot an AK47 while on a tether.

Was this Judge Hultgren's doing? He is on the take and his trial was just a few weeks ago. But, the results will not be decided and made public until March '08. In the mean time, we have a terrorist on the lose.

Anonymous said...

Was it Hultgren, Mr. Clancy?

Anonymous said...

With a $100,000 cash bond I believe $10,000 will get him out.
Add a couple of thousand for the judge and its bombs away for the hottie jihadi!

Dearbon's camp Hezbollah has all that "tax-free" money. They will just short the wire transfer a little or save on the expense of a plane ticket for the individual who had it packed in his suitcase ready for flight to Bint jbail.

Anonymous said...

Good!! We know the guy isn't a loose nut wack job. He sincerely hates this country and feels that his jihad to kill and maim is just. I hope he gets convicted and spends 15-20 years being everybody's favorite prison date.

On another note, I happen to be acquainted with several third year WSU medical students. Not a single one of them has met Zorkot or knows anything about him, and that is very strange as they spend the first 2 years of med school together in all of the same classes.

T.R. Clancy said...

Yes, it was Judge Hultgren, but after today the case will proceed to the circuit court.

Zorkot is still in jail, pending payment of his bond. It wasn't clear to me from how the judge ruled whether he was lowering it himself, or recommending it to be lowered, perhaps for the successor court. My bad for not knowing more about criminal bonds.

Frankly, so far I haven't seen that the usual suspects associated with Hezbo taking a very visible role in supporting him.

As to the WSU thing, strange that no one remembers him. The med school has taken it seriously enough to publicly say he's not welcome, and to send somebody to court to say he still isn't welcome. Sounds like they knew him as a student.

Thanks all for commenting.

Anonymous said...

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