Monday, December 03, 2007

Love for Sale

This is getting to be a bore.

Last week in Detroit the third of the El Aouar sisters, Elfat El Aouar, (Talal Chahine’s most recent wife), pleaded guilty in federal court to entering into a fake marriage in order to obtain US citizenship by fraud. (“LaShish owner's wife pleads guilty”).

Her two sisters, Nada Nadim Prouty, a former FBI and CIA agent, and Rula Al-Aouar, a physician, both obtained their citizenship the same way, by paying men who were already US citizens to marry them, (although Prouty’s rented groom claims he was never paid). Once the brides had citizenship they divorced their husbands, to whom they were married, apparently, in name only.

So now that’s one co-owner of a million-dollar restaurant chain, one became a medical specialist, (OB-GYN), and one who managed to get hired into two important jobs, first by the country’s top police agency, and then by its top spy agency.

These ladies obviously are smart enough that they could have become citizens through a legal route.

I wonder why they didn’t take it?

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