Saturday, December 15, 2007

Attention Tired, Poor, Huddled Masses

The US Army held a one-day job fair in Warren for civilian employees willing to work in Iraq in “positions that promise a pay range from $138,000 to $212,000 in exchange for a mandatory yearlong deployment to Iraq.” (“Hundreds line up for shot at Iraq jobs”).

The head recruiter, Tim Tarczynski, said that “Although Iraq is ‘a dangerous place,’ no civilians there under this program have been killed.”

So, there's a chance for great money and a break from Michigan’s devastating, Democratic-controlled economic depression. Is it worth the risk of a year in Iraq for a chance to earn that kind of money?

For Detroit resident Marceilos Davis, 27, the answer is simple: yes.

“That's a no-brainer,” said Davis, who makes $50,000 a year working two full-time jobs in hospital security. “From the neighborhood I live in, it's no different than Iraq. I'm not scared.”

Good for you, Mr. Davis, and we’re glad you’re not scared, and wish you the best.

But there is one important difference between your Detroit neighborhood and Iraq.

We're winning in Iraq.


Anonymous said...

The comment at the end is very true. I love that.

T.R. Clancy said...

Sad to say. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mr. Davis know Arabic? If not, I doubt he will get the job which is too bad. The Detroit area Muslims who do know Arabic will get the job. There have investigations and charges in the past revealing that these US citizens returning to their home country while employed by the US Government, were guilty of misinformation when interpreting the language for the US.

I am happy though to know that at this time - we are ahead.

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Davis knew Arabic does he know the Iraqui dialect?

With all my respect to Mr. Davis and others like him, and I wish him luck and safety, the best way to be ahead is to teach The language to real Americans who believe what this country stands for then they will not be any misinformation.

My biggest example is the Israeli army. They teach most of the soldiers the Arabic language and with different dialects so they could infiltrate their Arab enemies and the Muslim terrorists in addition to other groups. At the same time they are helped by people whose native language is Arabic and believe in the same cause as the Israelies in fighting terrorism.

I believe this is a major key to be way ahead.

Thank you Mrs. Jackie G for this valid point.

darby shaw said...

A sad and ironic fact about the American government teaching "citizens" Arabic language:
Under the direction of Mr. Robert Slater the DHS has begun a Strategic Language program. The DHS is providing millions of dollars in grant money to Michigan schools for the purpose of teaching students Arabic language.

Do you want to guess which schools in Dearborn were chosen to receive the money? If you guessed Iris Becker and Salina two schools that already have Arabic language programs in place while at the same time receiving English as a second language (ESL) grant money -then you would be correct.

So, DHS is offering millions in grant money to teach Arabic speaking children Arabic. The title IV grants from the federal government are also given to the "at risk" population to provide special ESL (English as a second language) because 90% of the children in these schools speak Arabic and it is their primary language.
from MSU News:

"Dearborn Public Schools received an $885,975 three-year grant. The grant will fund the expansion of an Arabic language program at Iris Becker Elementary School (K-5) and the creation of a program at Salina Intermediate School (grades 4-8). The programs will provide direct language instruction and seamless movement from one proficiency level to the next. Certified and highly qualified Arabic language teachers play the primary roles in instruction,"

darby shaw said...

From 11/18/07 Press and Guide

"Nawal Hamadeh, an educator leading three Dearborn Heights/Detroit schools that fill a crucial gap for low-income, often Arab American students, was recognized as Michigan's Charter School Administrator of the Year."

"Besides Star International, Hamadeh leads Universal Academy in Detroit and Universal Learning Academy in Dearborn Heights."

"The three schools: Earlier this year, the schools received a federal grant worth nearly $1 million over three years to expand their Arabic programs. Only three such grants were given across the country, part of a national push to increase the number of students studying languages deemed critical to America's competitiveness."

Anonymous said...

So what next. She will get the title of Imam of the year Amazing???