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From the 'No One Left To Kill' Department

During World War II there was a Mutual Broadcasting commentator named Gabriel Heatter, who opened each night's broadcast, no matter how bleak the war news, by proclaiming "There's good news tonight!"

I don't go back that far enough to have heard Heatter. But I recall one of my uncles doing a spirited version of Heatter's signature, and it sounded infectiously optimistic.

So what the hell has happened to the American press?

This news was in yesterday's The American Thinker:

December 05, 2007
Al Qaeda is finished in Iraq: From the Horse's Mouth

Clarice Feldman

jveritas reports this:

In his speech released yesterday Abou Omar Al Baghdadi the supposed leader of the Islamic State in Iraq which is Al Qaeda in Iraq said that only two hundered Mohajeroon are left in Iraq. Mohajeroon which means immigrants in Arabic are the foreign terrorists who came to fight in Iraq. This is yet the most stunning admission by Al Qaeda in Iraq that they are totally destroyed and from the tens of thousands of foreign terrorists they had, almost all of them are killed and captured and only two hundreds are left.

This is the quote translation of what Al Baghdadi said in his latest speech:

"... with all that, the Mouhajeron in Mesopotamia left the world and went quickly to meet their lord after they sacrificed their money and their blood sometimes in the martyrdom operations and sometimes by throwing themselves in front of the enemy that only two hundreds Mouhajeron are left today in our beloved Iraq..."

His source is the
largest terrorist website online. He says the full text in Arabic can be found here. the full text in Arabic please use this link that was posted on Ekhlass terrorist forum

Which is awfully good news, isn't it?

Free Republic's crosspost of this report includes the commentary:

We won this war.

God bless President Bush and all our brave troops.

I'm not quite ready to say that the war is fully won, but there's no doubt that we're clearly winning it. And I do think it's safe to say that the anti-Bush forces in government and media who were working against a US victory have themselves lost their war: they don't have enough time, tricks, or public support to achieve an American defeat in Iraq between now and January 2009. (Now they're fighting for us to lose against Iran). The Iraq War is no longer the boon to anti-Bush forces it was even just a few months ago.

But in spite of more and more great news from Iraq, in today's (anti-Bush) Detroit News print edition, you will not find a single reference to Iraq.

Today's online edition of the News's does feature some Iraq headlines in its Extended Coverage section:

War in Iraq
Casualty count
Interactive graphic: U.S. forces deaths, by day, by month
Searchable database of casualties
Profiles of Michigan casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan
Headlines, video on Iraq
Iraq photo gallery

Notice any theme in these headlines?

By the way, the Casualty count story leads off with this:

"As of Thursday, Dec. 6, 2007, at least 3,886 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count."

But then the real lead is buried at the very end:

The latest deaths reported by the military:

- No deaths reported"

No bias here.

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