Friday, August 27, 2010

Abdullah! The Sequel, or, Dearborn's Favorite Turban Legend

From our “Let’s Make Things Worse” file comes Thursday’s Detroit Free Press editorial calling for the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division to open an investigation into the shooting of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah. (“Imam case still needs answers”).

The unsigned editorial, which you can be sure was written by Jeff Gerritt, CAIR’s water carrier inside the Freep on this Abdullah shooting from day one, (as seen here and here), cites law enforcement delays in releasing information to the public as a basis for a federal civil-rights investigation. Bemoans the Freep: “A trusted outside agency is needed to restore credibility to the process.”

The Civil Rights Division is not a trusted outside agency. Only last month J. Christian Adams, a former DOJ Civil Rights trial attorney, told the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights that the Voting Rights section was “lawless,” and that officials in the division “had openly stated they did not have an interest in pursing race-neutral civil rights prosecutions.”

The DOJ Civil Rights Division may be the single most heavily politicized department in President Obama’s highly politicized administration.

Dearborn Underground is already on record wanting to see the Michigan State Police stop dragging out their investigation and clear the names of these task force agents once and for all.

Nonetheless, if local agencies are stonewalling Freedom of Information Act requests, then there’s plenty of pressure that can be brought through the court system. CAIR has only just now filed a lawsuit against the state police earlier this month. There’s no reason to get the feds involved at this stage.

Or do you think CAIR and its Muslim Brotherhood pals just might be interested in something else? Here’s a clue what that might be: the Freep doesn’t want just an “independent” look at the shooting, but an investigation into “the way government informants were used in the undercover investigation that preceded it.”

Really? So now it’s not enough to say Abdullah was “assassinated” by the FBI’s “neo-COINTELPRO”-- now the community must be told that the FBI never had any business investigating Abdullah and his criminal mosque in the first place. The ages-old police use of informants has to be put on trial.

Don’t buy it. The real object of the Ikhwan isn’t to expose evidence that excessive force caused Abdullah’s death. Even if mistakes were made or, at worst, if deliberate police misconduct were shown to have led to Abdullah’s being fatally shot, (this is hypothetical: I don’t believe it), that still wouldn’t be enough to call into doubt the basis for the investigation and the attempted arrest of Abdullah. He was a felon, with felonious intentions, and conspiring to commit more crimes. And all the while he was urging violence against law enforcement and nonMuslims, right up to the second of his fatal decision to start shooting at an armed task force.

Dawud Walid and his co-Islamists have assumed the role of spokesmen for the silenced Abdullah, determined to voice his calls for “justice” from his martyr’s grave. But Abdullah wasn’t alone that day. Ten other people were charged in the federal complaint that led to the raid that day, charged with conspiracy to commit several federal crimes, including illegal possession and sale of firearms, arson, possession of body armor, theft from interstate shipments and tampering with vehicle identification numbers.”

Abdullah’s champions in the community get to preach how the feds only murdered him because he was a good soldier of Allah. The hitch is those other ten arrestees who weren’t murdered. They aren’t dead enough to be lionized as martyrs. And the case against them is the same case against Abdullah.

You can bet defense attorneys will be doing whatever they can to attack every single element of the government’s case, including the use of informants. Criminal trials challenge these law enforcement tools all the time, with varying degrees of success. There’s no reason to have a special civil rights investigation into this case now.

The Ikhwan would love nothing better than to chill counterterrorism investigations from using informants inside the Muslim community. We already know that CAIR’s been doing whatever it could to get the FBI to stop infiltrating mosques. Ever since the FBI was dragged kicking and screaming into rehab to get over its addictive “BRIDGES” relationship with CAIR and the ADC, (BRIDGES is probably the stupidest single security idea bungle since the Yalta Conference), CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood would like nothing more than for the FBI to deem Muslim communities such as Dearborn’s a “no-go” zone for counterterrorism investigations.

The same way you’ll get less of something if you put a tax on it, the way to get less of a law enforcement practice is to punish it with threats of civil-rights investigations. That’s why we don’t need the Holder Civil Rights Divisions sticking its nose into the Abdullah case.

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