Sunday, August 22, 2010

Israel's 'Citizen Elias'

Elias Abuelazam, the Flint-Toledo-Leesburg serial murderer, is being extradited back to Michigan to face at least one murder charge in Genesee County. (“Stabbing suspect to return to state”).

You may remember Abuelazam when it was being reported that he was an enraged white male targeting blacks, who looked like this:

DU has been unable to confirm reports that the subject for this sketch is a laid-off Flint autoworker named Duke. But his face is well-known throughout Genesee County karaoke bars for his smokin’ renditions of “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Prior to his capture, the media was pretty damned sure they knew who Duke was.

NPR reported on August 10 that “Racial hatred is presumed to be the motive in the attacks.”

On August 9 The Washington Post reported that:
A white man who stabbed or attacked three dark-skinned men in Leesburg this month is probably the "Flint serial killer," thought to have killed five men and wounded 10 -- almost all of them black -- in Michigan, police said Monday. (“Michigan serial killer suspected in three Leesburg, Va., attacks”).

The Philadelphia Daily News headline on August 10 says simply: "Serial killer targets black men, say cops in Mich., Va., Ohio."

Except, as Tom Rowan at American Thinker points out, the cops weren’t saying that:

“Investigators were not certain at all that these were racially motivated murders or murders of convenience. The area where the murders occurred just happened to be areas with high populations of blacks. Flint, Michigan is also the home to a large Arab population.” (“Stabbing Psycho Driven By Racial Hatred?”).
Personally, I think the attacks were racial, but police investigators were reluctant to say it was, and the media reported what they wanted.

Anyhow, when the Flint stabber still looked like Duke, reporters stayed up nights thinking up leads for the stories they’d be writing once the fiend was finally captured, and his transparently conservatives motives revealed:
“A string of deadly racial attacks ended when police arrested the suspect outside the Tea Party rally he had helped organize, as gun-toting tea partiers screamed epithets . . .”

“A man identified as Sarah Palin’s 2008 Michigan campaign adviser was finally arrested Tuesday following a multi-state spree of hate crimes. . .”

“A five-state manhunt for the suspect in a string of racial murders ended today when police captured the unsuspecting fugitive in a local motel where he had pulled off to watch “The Glenn Beck Show.”

Then Abuelazam was captured, and reporters found out he actually looked like this:

Then it was learned Abuelazam was an Arab Israeli citizen, (a nationality the New York Times Style Manual insists always be spelled “Palestinian”), and that’s when all the air went out of the racial killing spree balloon.

With the actual suspect turning out to be so disappointingly unDuke-like -- in fact, actually a member of a UN-sanctioned victim ethnicity himself, namely, “Palestinian” -- how could he be tied into America’s racial myth? There was nothing for the media to do but reduce the story’s scale, and maybe fudge the fact that Abuelazam’s background puts him within a whisker of being just another Middle Eastern serial killer with an Arabic name.

Most stories are identifying Abuelazam as an “Israeli citizen,” which he is, but almost none ever mentions that he is an Arab. Many Americans aren’t even aware that Israel has Arabic citizens.

Referring to an Arab Israeli as an “Israeli” is a sharp departure from 40 years of media reporting. Since 1967 the pro-Palestinian press has always painted Israel either as an “apartheid state,” meant to imply Israel excludes Arabs from citizenship, (a falsehood), or else they refuse to call the Arabs who enjoy full citizenship rights there “Israelis” at all -- preferring the more second-class sounding, “the 1.3 million Palestinian citizens of Israel.”

And now that proof of the his Tea Party membership is only a dream, what Abuelazam did to his victims is so much less serious than when he was still wearing a redneck cap. Back then, he was a serial killer targeting black men. Today’s Detroit Free Press refers to him as a “stabbing suspect.”

What? A stabbing suspect? That doesn’t even tell the lazy readers (I told you it was the Free Press) that five of Abuelazam’s victims died, and the survivors suffered horrific wounds. Stabbing suspects are those kids who get arrested after football games at Murray Wright High School. Every other gemulk in the Wayne County Jail is a stabbing suspect. What happened to “serial killer?” What happened to “racial hatred”?

Oh, well.

The Israeli lobby must be behind this.


'nuff already said...

It has become so commonplace for the media to leave out any mention of race, nationality, religion, etc., these days, especially when a suspect may be an arab, or muslim, or something like that. So whenever this kind of information is withheld, I just assume those involved are muslim!

Was this not true of the four or five people recently arrested in britain for wanting to assassinate the pope on his visit there?

T.R. Clancy said...

Somewhat. ABC described the people arrested in the UK as North Africans.