Monday, August 30, 2010

TSA Deems Suitcase Full of Mock Bombs 'Benign'

It’s nice to know at least one reporter, CBS News Justice correspondent Bob Orr, is awake enough to ask at least one of the obvious questions about the dry run planting of mock bombs in a United Airline flight to Amsterdam:
These were amateurish-like mock devices - the very kind of thing that security is designed to find. And in fact, TSA did find them on a flight from Birmingham to Chicago and deemed them benign. That's why they were allowed to go to Chicago and then on.

The question really is, how did they get on a plane to Washington when he wasn't on the plane too.
(“2 Arrested in Possible Dry Run for Terror Attack”).

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Fed Up in Dearborn said...

I am beyond frustration at the news media, and our government officials, not seeing what is in front of them. The national news media is still saying the two did not know each other - while Paul W. Smith informed his contact on the air that the two were, indeed, friends when living in the Detroit area. This information was readily obtained. Imad Hamad is actually quoted in the paper as denying the connection between the two, even as the truth is becoming known. The taped-together items are obvious security-testers. Also, if the phones were only 'gifts' for people in the Middle-East, laws were broken by the unlicensed export of these goods.