Sunday, March 21, 2010

Will That Molehill Become a Mountain If Freep and CAIR Work Together?

The Detroit Free Press, we suspect in the anonymous form of Freep blogger Jeff Gerritt, is continuing to assist CAIR in planting suggestions that Imam Abdullah’s death was the result of FBI wrongdoing. An editorial this past week calls for the Dearborn Police Department to wrap up its investigation into the FBI shooting of Abdullah last October. Writes the Freep:
Community leaders and activists have raised serious questions about whether agents acted improperly, even criminally, in Abdullah's shooting death at a Dearborn warehouse on Oct. 28. Those questions need answers pronto. (“Release investigation report”).
Why do we need the answers “pronto”? Abdullah’s not going anywhere now, even without the handcuffs. We’re in a rush, says the Freep, because while Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad delays releasing the report, “concerns are mounting.” What they don’t mention is that it’s been CAIR and the Freep who’ve been building that pile all along.

It’s true enough the Dearborn Police Department is taking a long time to get this finished. That could be explained by incompetence, political cowardice, by some embarrassing crime-scene screw-up, or any other number of factors that don’t require the conclusion that the whole thing was a police assassination. I still haven’t seen one fact reported, or heard one point of logic, supporting what the Freep calls “serious questions about whether agents acted improperly, even criminally, in Abdullah's shooting death.”

Besides, CAIR was going to take the exact same line on this no matter how quickly the investigation wrapped up. It was the following morning, remember, when the Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR’s Dawud Walid was already telling media that Abdullah was shot merely for having killed the FBI’s dog.

And Surprise!, the Freep’s Jeff Gerritt was repeating this on his Freep blog the next day, with some extra spin that the FBI was lying about what happened: “The account now widely held in the community is that Abdullah was shot repeatedly by agents, after he shot an unleashed police dog, despite official reports that Abdullah fired on agents.”

CAIR, Abayomi Azikiwe, and Ron Scott didn’t need any reports, as they’d already reached their final conclusions. In its publicity for an anti-FBI rally the Friday after the raid, CAIR’s website said the protest was “designed to both condemn the assassination of the Islamic leader as well as demand an independent investigation into his death at the hands of the FBI.”

Who needs autopsy reports and crime-scene photos when you already know it was an assassination of an Islamic leader?

I know I can’t take the Free Press seriously when they pretend they only want to quell “suspicion and fear,” even while they’re working hand-in-glove with CAIR since November spreading suspicion and fear. They write, “The death of Abdullah, who was African American and Muslim, has racial and religious overtones.” Translate that out of journalese, and it says “Abdullah was murdered because of his race and religion.” That kind of language isn’t aimed at Chief Haddad to make him hurry up: it’s aimed at the area’s blacks and Muslims, to make them mad.

I’d like the Dearborn police to wrap this up, too, clear these task force members, and get on with it. But even if that happens, CAIR and the rest of these guys are already committed to the scenario that Abdullah was murdered because he was black and Muslim. That’s got nothing to do with the slowness of these reports CAIR’s not going to drop it no matter what information is released, or what the evidence says. Dawud Walid hasn’t got any other issue right now that guarantees him media attention.

What’s the Freep’s excuse?

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