Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama's Lipstick Stain Might Come Out with 'A Little Bit of Soap'

Shortly after Obama’s lipstick remark blew up in his face, (Obama on Lipstick Fight: ‘Enough Is Enough’), he lost no time in placing responsibility for the flap where it belongs , that is, everywhere but on himself. But he hasn't cast all the blame for it on John McCain. He had plenty left over for his own speechwriters and campaign advisers--the ones who each day are charged with filling up the the empty in his empty suit. One outburst about 24 hours ago was positively lyrical:

(Sung bouncily, to the melody of “Lipstick on Your Collar”)

‘Liptick on a Pig’
By Barack Obama

First you wrote that speech for me, told me it was witty
Last night Dems just ate it up, today we just look shitty
Now they say it’s 'disrespect,' say that I’m the pig
‘Lipstick on a pig!,’ boys? Guys you fouled up big!

‘Lipstick on a pig!'s just got those sweeties hoppin’!
‘Lipstick on a pig!’ boys, just makes my polls keep droppin’!
Wish I had a dollar, each flub you make me make
But ‘lipstick on a pig!’ boys, man that took the cake!

Now you tell me shout ‘ENOUGH,’ raise the ‘SWIFTBOAT’ cry!
Say our side’s above all that--you askin' me to lie?!
Why’d we ever pick this fight, with that Alaskan dish?
‘Cuz when they pull that wrapper off, it’s me that smells like fish!


‘Lipstick on a pig!’ boys, man what were you thinkin’?
‘Lipstick on a pig!’ boys, now it's me who’s stinkin’!
Oughtta charge a dollar, each faux you make me pas
But ‘lipstick on a pig!’ boys, there oughtta be a law!

(With apologies to the late Connie Francis).


Anonymous said...

Mr. Clancy,

I do believe your song reaches the levels of quality that used to be displayed in Mad Magazine. Sharp and witty. When Obama was facing Hillary Clinton he described her 'shrill' statements. Gee, was that sexist? He was only describing her statement, not defaming her because she was female. He currently slides age insults into many comments about John McCain. It is his S.O.P. to throw such insults. And yet, his camp reached for any excuse to accuse the Clintons of being racist.

T.R. Clancy said...

Thanks for commenting. I hope you keep reading.