Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah the Impaler

As I'm hearing on mainstream media panels today at lunch, the real problem with Sarah Palin is that she's too sarcastic. (This from the sector of society who made "Bush" synonymous with "Hitler," and whose candidate political leader said at his acceptance speech that the president sat on his hands and watched New Orleans drown.)

Apparently Governor Palin, a novice as national VP candidate who was being dismissed only yesterday morning as only a small-town mayor, has been transformed overnight into a hulking bully because she needled the guy who's the top of his party’s presidential ticket, who's credited by his followers with powers to transform not only the Planet Earth, but possibly all of reality itself, and who is worshipped as a deity by more than 95% of Columbia journalism graduates, And by the way, he wants to be Commander-in-Chief of the world's greatest military power.

And I thought I was too sensitive.

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