Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Audacity of Cheerfulness

Rush Limbaugh on Thursday, the day after Governor Palin's address to the RNC:

This lady has turned it all around. We're much more upbeat this week. We have been since last weekend because we see beyond November with a lot of hope. She's just fabulous. I was laughing myself silly during this speech. I was laughing myself silly during Rudy. I mean Rudy and Palin, what do we have up there? We had good cheer. We had people having a good time. We had people who were getting in some huge digs with smiles on their faces. In fact, Joe Biden is all over the board today. He said first he didn't see it. Then he said he only saw half of it. The one guy in this country we know who saw all of it, and has probably watched it three times, is Joe Biden.

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