Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Terror of Trig

Okay, you Democrats. I’m not buying it that you’re all terrified of a McCain-Palin victory because Sarah Palin lacks foreign-policy experience.

For one thing, you’re Democrats, remember? You’re the party that doesn’t take foreign policy seriously. You abandoned victory in the Vietnam War, embraced the nuclear-freeze movement, and wanted us to give up and get along with the Reds. You either treat foreign policy as political theater, or else limit it to adopting policies that make the Europeans like us better. But you long ago abandoned--and then forgot--how the first priority of foreign policy is to guarantee the national defense. The last time you people produced someone who took foreign policy seriously, it was Joe Lieberman, and you ended up throwing him right out of your party.

As a case in point, your current candidate has already said he plans to invade Pakistan, escalate the war in Afghanistan, possibly invade Iran, but under absolutely no circumstances does he intend to allow the war in Iraq to continue on the successful course it's followed since the surge began. Obama’s idea of foreign policy is to lobby the Iraqi government to prolong the war until after he gets into office so he can cheat the Bush administration of the victory.

And I haven’t forgotten how hard you all tried to put John Kerry in the White House, (he of the “global permission slip”). Had he won in 2004, we’d now be in the third year of living down America’s second Vietnam-style rout.

Then of course, there was Kerry’s VP pick in 2004—John Edwards—a guy even you people never pretended had any qualifications in foreign policy, nor domestic policy, nor, for that matter, qualifications to be seated in polite company at all. In fact, the only qualifications he did possess were a cynical agenda dictated by the trial-lawyers association and a history as a call-girl for Big Labor. Yet you all thronged to the Kerry-Edwards banner. Don’t bother denying it: you’re still all driving around with your Kerry/Edwards 'o4 bumper stickers.

And now there’s Joe Biden. You tell us Sarah Palin can’t possibly stand on level ground with the immense foreign-policy credentials of Senator Biden. But a few months ago, you all were so unimpressed with him he didn’t even pull 1% support in your party primaries. He's taken a stand on every major foreign policy issue for 30 years, and for 30 years he's been getting it wrong.

But all that is smoke and mirrors, anyway. Your hatred of Sarah Palin has nothing to do with foreign policy, nor what you call her lack of experience, or anything like that.

You hate her because she’s the loving mother of Trig Palin, the most famous Down Syndrome baby in the world.

Not only that, you hate the way she keeps referring to Trig as if he’s a real human child, just like any other baby, with a right to live and everything, in callous disregard for all those mothers who wrestled with the “moral issue” of pre-emptively aborting their defective babies, but then did it anyway.

It’s very simple. If McCain wins, you’re facing a minimum of four years, and probably eight years, of having to watch baby Trig growing up in awkward proximity to national exposure. If President McCain dies in office, Sarah and her product of conception could be around even longer, especially if you Democrats keep expanding the variety of Americans you’re willing to insult.

And all those years of VP Palin means that every time someone raises the issue of special needs children, there will be Trig, the accidental poster child for the issue, instead of some faceless resident of a group home. And Trig's biggest spokesman, his charismatic mother, is just going to keep talking about why she loves to have him around. Now every time some well-meaning expert with a grant from the Guttmacher Institute tries to make a point on NPR about “preventing birth defects,” and “avoiding a bad outcome," there will be Trig, spoiling it all, the Vice-Presidential birth defect who wasn’t prevented.

And every time you pro-abortion advocates hold your hands up and swear how much you actually hate abortion, except that you're duty-bound to defend a woman’s “reproductive freedom,” there will be Sarah Palin, who exercised her reproductive freedom, and whom you promptly labeled with a scarlet “A” –an “A” with a slash through it--for the Abortion she refused to have. For exercising her choice, you’ve called her filthy names, and denounced her as not even being a woman.

So much for your defense of “reproductive freedom.”

Statistics run something like this. 80% of Down Syndrome babies are being killed in the womb. I would venture special-needs babies are closer to extinction than the Polar Bears. And one-third of black babies in America are being aborted: and not by Klan members or Don Imus.

Granted, that’s a significant reduction of humanity’s carbon footprint; hell, that’s a significant reduction of human feet in general. And can't you just feel those grateful ice caps thickening back up?

And I can well imagine, if you’re an abortion-supporting utopian optimist, that you’d see that 80% Down Syndrome death-rate not as a moral tragedy, but as a positive sign that America has only 20% more wombs to go before we have a retard-free nation. Yes We Can! With progress like that, can absolutely free health care be far behind?

And then out of no place comes this attractive, life-affirming state executive from way to hell up north and back again, for whom the “potential life” inside her doesn't represent a moral wrestling match at all, but a new child to be welcomed into the family and loved. If there was any wrestling for Sarah and Todd when they learned the hard news of their child's condition, it was a match that didn't last long.

So you despise this upstart Sarah for her selfish disregard for society's new consensus view about birth defects and lives not worth living. And because as a governor she was already a public figure, then suddenly a much bigger public figure, her decision about Trig very publicly gave the lie to all those years you yapped about "choice" when you meant something else entirely--something that wasn't a choice at all--because how could it be about choice after you told millions of women they had no choice, except to strike down the little beings that threatened to take their happiness away--and after all those years of scolding young girls, from elementary school onwards, that their own lives would be ruined except for that awful choice.

You see, I don't believe that the mothers of 80% of those lost Down Syndrome babies are all so selfish that they got abortions without lots and lots of pressure from family and girlfriends and unworthy sex partners who should have loved them better than that, from doctors who should have treated them better than that, and from spiritual advisers who should have pastored them better than that. (Not to mention the pressure from the Democratic Party, Hollywood, and the Style section of every newspaper in America.)

So now you people rail at Sarah for being the anti-woman, and anti-choice because she didn't make the only choice you, in your bastions of tolerance, will tolerate from someone in her position--the choice for death.

You even go beyond blaming Sarah for Trig to blame the Palins as parents for not forcing their daughter to have an abortion.

So for Sarah choosing to bring her baby into the world, to be loved and raised by her, to be supported by her family, she must suffer the attacks of moral imbeciles like your Cintra Wilson, who accused Sarah of being "not just pro-life, [but] anti-life. She is the suppression of human feeling and instinct. She is a slave to the compromises dictated by her own desire for power and control." Right. Sarah Palin suppresses human feeling. Otherwise, I'm sure she'd have had the damned abortion--which we all recognize is the pinnacle of the human instinct of a mother for her child. (Or maybe it is--in Cintra Wilson's Hell, or in Obama's Utopia).

What a betrayal Sarah is guilty of! What a betrayal of Women, of the Planet, of the Polar Bears!

No wonder you’re all having “Sarah Palin nightmares.”

But don’t try and kid us this has anything to do with her qualifications to be Vice President.


Anonymous said...

Now that article was a HOME RUN. So true.

And Trig might be the cutest white baby I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I would rename this article "The falsity of speaking for others". I have absolutely no problem or issue with Sarah Palin choosing to give birth to Trig, with extra chromosome and all. I actually admire her for having her own convictions. What I consider "The Terror" and... you can quote me on this is that while Sarah made her personal reproductive choice, She seeks to deny women their personal reproductive choice. And before you label me as some leftist 'hater' -- please know this, Both Cindy McCain and Laura Bush do not wish Roe v Wade be overturned and that the majority of Americans (men, women, Republican and Democrats) are Pro-choice... meaning that I applaud Sarah Palin in choosing Life and I would not judge her or try and stop her if she decided otherwise. This is indeed a very personal decision, and I don't set myself up to make decisions for women, or take their options away... never meeting them, nor understanding their circumstances. No, I do not applaud, nor endorse abortion. I think society should strive to reduce the number of abortions through education, abstinence and birth control... But I do not believe that an Anti-Choice "Choice" is any "Choice".