Friday, October 30, 2009

Religion? What Religion?

Detroit FBI head Andrew Arena said of the Masjid Al-Haqq mosque raid, “This is a very hybrid radical ideology . . . I don't know that I'd call it a religion.” (“Radical leader killed in federal raid, others arrested”)

I’ve got one word for federal cops hazarding opinions on religion—Waco. It’s amazing that when there’s a Cross in a desert standing 70 years as a memorial to World War I dead, two crossed beams are alleged to scream through law offices and courts across the land: “Religion!”

But when self-identified Muslims, organized into a “mosque,” led by an “imam,” devotees of the Koran, the hadiths, abstemious about mixing with Kuffar non-Muslims, and who state repeatedly: “We are bound by our God Allah to force our religion on all the rest of you,” someone holding all the evidence in his hand can actually say he doesn’t know if he’d call that a religion.

There are some lies that, once told, require a great deal of untelling and pushback before the truth can again come into sight. Then again, some lies just fall flat.

I think this one’s flat.

Or are you buying it?


goe said...

am i buying it? i am listening.

goe said...

i am not listening.