Thursday, October 29, 2009

Walid Says Feds Drag Religion into Raid on Radical Mosque

Of very little surprise, Dawud Walid of CAIR-MI has nothing but kinds words for his late colleague, Luqman Ameen (“Revenge is Islamic”) Abdullah, the radical Detroit imam killed in a shootout with officers of the Joint Terrorism Task Force on Wednesday. (“FBI kills leader of radical Muslims; 12 charged”).

Federal officials said Abdullah was the leader of a group that calls itself "Ummah, a group of mostly African-American converts to Islam, which seeks to establish a separate Sharia-law governed state within the United States."

Walid only knows that Abdullah was a humanitarian, knew him as “respected imam in the Muslim community . . . He fed very hungry people in the neighborhood who were Christian,”-- Christian, or, as brother Luqman liked to call them, “Kuffars” and members of “the party of the devil.” He’d give people the shirt off his back, Walid says. And on surveillance tapes Abdullah did several times offer an undercover informant a bullet-proof vest, or suggested simply “shooting a cop in the head and taking his.”

I figured it out now about Walid and the things he says: he loves to kid. I saw him last night on the news commenting on all this, looking remarkably blasé and almost amused, a strange reaction in view of how he holds himself out as spokesmen for every Muslim in Michigan, and was commenting on news that a dozen of his Muslim flock were just charged with major felonies, and a 13th killed in a shootout with the Feds.

Walid even said he had to “chuckle”, when he read that Abdullah’s separatist group is called the “Ummah”, because all Muslims belong to the Ummah. I noticed that odd thing, too, but it didn’t make me chuckle.

In spite of the FBI complaint describing numerous alleged statements from Abdullah "about bombs, weapons and his de sire to overthrow the government," none of the charges against Abdullah or other mosque members were for terrorism. This got Walid wondering "why their religion was so prominent in the complaint against them.'They have no linkage to terrorism nationally or internation ally. What in the world does Islam have to do with these charges? Why is religion being brought into play?'” ("Shocked friends say imam was generous and helpful").

Did the charges really have nothing to do with religion?

According to the Complaint, “Abdullah believed he and his followers were soldiers at war against the government and non-Muslims.”

If you’re a Muslim at war with non-Muslims, I’d say that qualifies as a religious motive. If you’re an imam and the leader a mosque, where you are regularly preaching violence and justifying with references to the Koran and Mohammed, I’d say that brings religion into it. Also according to the complaint, Abdullah saw the world as divided into only two parties, the party of God (Muslims), and the party of the devil (everyone else). Which may not be radical Islam, as it's normative Islam, but is a religious motivation. In fact, U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg said everything this gang did was motivated by their ideology.

Walid wants to know why religion is so prominent in the complaint? It's certainly not because the Feds keep bringing it up.

Over and over on surveillance recordings of his sermons and his conversation, Abdullah wouldn’t shut up about his religion—about his violent, vengeful, militant, Kuffar-hating, Jew-hating, Christian-hating, and America-hating religion. He discussed spreading his own religion, Islam, by force. Everyone on his hate list -- police, the US government, the FBI, Christians, Jews—everyone he hated was because they were Kuffars, non-Muslims, the best of them worse than the worst Muslim. At least, that’s what Allah said, said Abdullah.

But no. Religion had nothing to do with what happened with Abdullah.

It’s just an ordinary criminal gang, that just happens to be led by a Muslim cleric, headquartered in a mosque, and sharing the common goal of creation of a Sharia state.

The Detroit News has made the Complaint available here, but here are some excerpts:

Agents found clear evidence corroborating S-1’s statements that firearms training had taken place inside the mosque. There were empty shell casings on the basement floor, and large holes in the concrete wall of the “shooting range.” According to S-1, all weapons and fight training was geared towards violent confrontation with law enforcement and/or with local street gangs.

* * *

These and other recorded statements by Luqman Abdullah confirm reporting by S-1 and S-2 that Abdullah and his followers view themselves soldiers at war against the United States government, and against non-Muslims.
* * *

S-1 saw and participated in extensive and regular firearms and martial arts training inside the Masjid Al-Haqq [mosque]. S-1 saw Luqman Abdullah discipline children inside the mosque by beating them with sticks on their hands, knees, and legs, until they were covered with bruises, including a boy Abdullah beat so badly that he was unable to walk for several days.

* * *
[T]he overall picture was, uh, to advance Islam. So, uh, always remember, uh, revenge is Islamic. But, you have to make sure it’s not personal. It’s very difficult. . . .But you have to start. . . .You got to get mad about it.

* * *
During the Jum’uah prayer, Abdullah stated that Muslims need to cut the ties with Christians, Jews, and Kuffars, and said there is no such thing as a good or bad Kafir -- the only thing that matters is whether or not someone is Muslim. In reference to Christians, Jews, and the Kuffar, Abdullah stated:

. . . .Obama is a Kafir. McCain, all the rest of them are Kuffars, are Kuffars. You can’t make them a good Kafir, bad Kafir . . .

The premise of Allah, and Islam said, “the worst of [unintelligible], the worst Muslim is better than the best Kafir.”

Abdullah went on to preach that Muslims need to stop fighting each other and start fighting the Kuffar. Abdullah stated:

Contrary to your own [unintelligible], we should be trying to figure out how to fight the Kuffar. You see, we need to figure out how to be a bullet.

* * *

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