Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cry, Baby, Cry

In an attempt to deflect the hard-hitting criticism by former Vice President Dick Cheney of President Obama’s “dithering” on the War in Afghanistan, Michigan’s Senator Carl Levin said on Thursday:

"This pressure on the president ... is dangerous -- it creates growing pressure for decisions before the president has considered all the options, when what the nation needs and the troops deserve is careful, thoughtful deliberation."
Yes, it’s a hard job to be president. The hardest part may be having to make decisions under immense pressure, and the next hardest part may be the Force Five hurricane of daily criticism. Cheney knows about all that from serving three presidents, one as Secretary of Defense, and having spent eight years in the administration of the most unfairly reviled, criticized, and “pressured” president in our history.

Obama wanted this job. And when his sycophants told him, beginning the day after Election Day, that he was already the greatest president who ever lived, he accepted it as if it were understood.

Is Levin seriously suggesting now that sharp criticism of President Obama is a threat to the nation?

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