Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is CAIR Looniphobic?

CAIR-MI executive director, Dawud Walid is having a bad reaction to the four U.S. Representatives calling for a closer look into CAIR’s Capitol Hill activities. On his blog, “Pushback against Islamophobes & loons in motion” and “Maddow ridicules attacker of CAIR,” you’ll be able to read descriptors applied to CAIR’s critics, including “Islamophobes,” “silly,” “extremist,” “fringe,” “xenophobe,” “racist,” and “paranoid racist loon.” (You can also read Dawud plugging himself for his work with an organization called “Hate Hurts America.” “Loon,” “paranoid,” and “xenophobe” are terms of endearment, you see.

What you won’t find on Walid’s blog posts to support of all that name-calling are any responses to the substance of the four representatives' stated concerns. To have an organization like CAIR, that has known ties to terrorism and is an un-indicted co-conspirator in a terrorist-funding federal case, placing interns on key national security-related office, is a bad thing.

Rachel Maddow’s eight-minute yukfest with Eugene Robinson at The Washington Post starts with her smart-ass question, “Do you think that the secret plot to Islomize [sic] America starts with interns?” The resulting exchange between Maddow and Robinson can be summarized thusly:

Robinson: Ha, ha, ha, interns!
Maddow: Hee, hee, hee.
Robinson: Hoo, hoo, hoo! etc. But seriously, Rachel, . . . .the House should silence these representatives.”

Maddow completely misstates Myrick and the others as objecting to CAIR’s lobbying and intern efforts because they are being done “while Muslim.” The reps never said that. Maddow never mentions that the opposition stems from CAIR being a terror-related group.

Maddow also repeat the undying propaganda point that “CAIR” and “Muslim” mean the same thing, as if CAIR is the appointed spokeman for every Muslim in America. I’m sure Walid and Ibrahim Hooper love to hear that. They always talk as if it’s true, anyway. In fact, CAIR’s actual membership numbers hover somewhere between those of the Keep Garden City Beautiful League and the Veterans of the Spanish-American War. Some American Muslims even congratulated the FBI for finally ditching CAIR.

As someone who sympathizes with the efforts of the “Fringe Four,” the answer to Maddow’s pointedly silly question about interns is, no, CAIR’s mission to Islamize America did not start with interns. It started with the Muslim Brotherhood, and isn’t even that secret, except it’s almost completely unknown to Americans because of the willful blindness of the American media. When every liberal media person who mentions CAIR helpfully repeats their cover story that they’re a harmless civil liberties group trying to improve peace, love, and understanding between America and her Muslims.

That CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood creation, has ties to Hamas and Palestinian terrorism, and has stated goals including the replacement of the U.S. Constitution with Sharia law, is not controversial. It’s simply unreported. And when news of CAIR’s true colors do manage to get into the news the hard way, (such as through this type of press conference, or through last years Holy Land Foundation prosecution), CAIR’s terrorist pedigree is ignored and covered up by useful media people like Maddow, Cynthia Tucker, and Glenn Greenwald.

CAIR’s dubious ties are so evident that even the FBI, after years of going steady, found themselves forced to break it off with CAIR. No more letting CAIR review their investigations into the Muslim community, approve their arrests, and no more diversity training of agents by CAIR operatives. The FBI is still carrying a torch, though.

The media is going to continue to repeat that CAIR, as a lobbying group, is only doing what lobbying groups do, including trying to place interns into key positions in the Capitol, so what's wrong with that? But the question isn’t what CAIR is doing, but why.

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Anonymous said...

Obama's acquiescence in relations with Iran and A-J are similar to how our elected officials and the media respond to CAIR.

Do our public schools no longer teach debate? When one side resorts to straw-man arguments, it is because they lack substance and facts needed to bolster their position.

I see Dawud as a puppet of the Islamic agenda. The Imams have their hand so far up his _ss they are able to move his lips and make him speak.

He is too ignorant to realize that his position in the spotlight allows him to catch any bullets that may be fired and sheilding the true power behind CAIR from scrutiny.

If he messes up they will sacrifice him and disclose his real identity as an ex-convict. They will claim that they tried to give him a real chance to be rightous and that they are deeply saddened by his misinterpretation of Islam.

He is not a loon. He is a pawn.