Sunday, October 11, 2009

'The Nobel Prize for Not Being George W. Bush'

Apparently there is a Nobel Prize for Not Being George W. Bush.
--Twitter from P.J. Doland

John Tabin at The American Spectator writes:

Hilariously, Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Previous winners include Kofi Annan (2001), Jimmy Carter (2002), and Al Gore (2007); the gag in my headline (swiped from PJ Doland) isn't really much of a gag. The Peace Prize is quite often nothing more than the vehicle through which the mandarins of transnational progressivism express their support for opponents of American hegemony in general and Bush in particular. If Obama doesn't turn down the prize, as several commentators are urging, the signal will be that the American president is
perfectly happy being a Carter-like posterboy for American weakness.
Nobel Prize for Not Being George W. Bush

To which I add: if the Nobel Peace Prize is now (still) being awarded chiefly for not being George W. Bush, then shouldn’t the prize be re-named for George W. Bush?

This only confirms my opinion that George Bush is a stronger, more powerful, and more (eee-ewww I hate this term) “transformative” figure than America is presently capable of admitting.

Even in very quiet retirement he and his policies are still more substantial touchstones--even as they're being rejected and overturned) than anything President Obama has managed to macramé together out of his gossamer rhetoric.

After nine months Obama’s presidency has still not managed to stand for anything more than being black, handsome, and the opposite of George W. Bush.

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