Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You Just Might Be Moving Out of Manoogian Mansion …

...if the City Council votes on a resolution calling on you to resign, even if it doesn’t pass the first time.

...if the Council of Baptist Pastors entertains a resolution of “no confidence,” even if it doesn’t pass the first time--(due to administration arm-twisting by the Mayor's "religious affairs adviser").

...if State Rep Andy Dillon, the House leader of your own party--the House you used to hold office in--says you may have to resign.

...if Dave Bing and other major business leaders in the city tell you you have lost credibility.

...if your own favored Chief of Police, who has proved her past loyalty to you by cooperating to sell out three of her own police officers, interfering in a murder investigation, and reassigning detectives to obstruct a case--all just to protect you--finally balks at showing up for a press conference your office called to feed more lies to reporters, TV cameras, and the public challenging the reality of growing evidence of the strippers, the Manoogian party, and the assault on Tamara Green.

...if the National Conference of Black Mayors, which historically has been extremely tolerant of hijinx among the brothers, changes its convention location at the last minute from Detroit to New Orleans, because "We just did not want that environment to interfere with our objectives”: in other words, the environment in post-Katrina New Orleans is less of a disaster area than the environment in post-Kwame Detroit.

...if the city’s Marxist/LGBT alternative entertainment newspaper—the one that is known for its pervert personals and the columns of ads from call-girl services—actually speaks DOWN to you when they run a cover page demanding you “Just Go."

...if (speaking of call girls), people are urging you to take disgraced Governor Spitzer, who just resigned quickly after getting busted consorting with a call girl and for unlawful money transactions, as an example you need to live UP to. And Spitzer didn’t even have his sex worker whacked and then try to cover it up!

...if 85% of respondents to a survey asking for responses to your State of the City address say they can’t believe anything you have to say.

...if Carmen Harlan, a straight-down-the line and respected news anchor who also happens to be black, has to straighten you out that you’re not the victim of a media “lynch mob mentality.”

...if the city’s most popular black radio talk show is taking call after call every morning for weeks from angry black Detroit voters asking, “How stupid does he think we are?”

...if you have no better defense to the rising tide of evidence of your corruption than to play the race, media, and God cards to a self-chosen peanut-gallery at your State of the City address.


Anonymous said...

Well-said! Entertaining and right to the point.

Anonymous said...

... if, true-blue liberal/leftist Mitch Albom is heard screaming for your head.


How about the N-word?? How low can you get to use your children as props??

Anonymous said...

kwame needs to go! and he can put the diamond earring back in!