Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Update on Hemlock Park Hezbollah Fighter

There are going to be still more delays before any facts about the Houssein Ali Zorkot case see the light of day.

Zorkot, the third-year medical student who was arrested last September for deploying in Hemlock Park with loaded AK-47, has changed his mind about waiving his preliminary exam, and wants one after all. (“Accused Hemlock Park gunman back in court”).

He waived his preliminary exam in December, letting himself be bound over for trial in circuit court. But now the circuit court has granted Zorkot’s motion to come back to Judge Hultgren’s courtroom Dearborn’s 19th District Court for his preliminary exam. At a preliminary a prosecutor must show the court that there’s sufficient probable cause that a crime has been committed to warrant trial. The new hearing is now scheduled for April 18.

City officials say Zorkot has not been tied to terrorism. But Zorkot was running a pro-Hezbollah website, and posted photographs of himself in Lebanon wearing military garb, and posing in front of heroic photographs of Hezbollah Headman Hassan Nasrallah (known locally in Dearborn as “Our Leader!”). Zorkot was charged with “one count of carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent, one count felony firearm and one count of possession of a loaded firearm.”

When he was stopped by police exiting Hemlock Park he fought back so hard he had to be Tasered twice.

Frankly, this may all turn out to be nothing, or at least, nothing that ever adds up to anything. Zorkot may have become the victim of his own fantasies of himself as a fighter, and got caught playing army in the park with a loaded AK. I am interested, though, in the basis for the dangerous weapon with unlawful intent count.


Anonymous said...

First, as a US Army veteran with requisitie experience in SE Asia, I can tell you even the Army doesn't "play army" with live ammuntion loaded anywhere but on a designated firing range or otherwise authorized and externally controlled environment. If live ammunition is loaded anywhere else, it is NOT play.

Next: Was this guy ever released on bond or is he still in jail awaiting hearing and trial?

Anonymous said...

It does not comfort me to think that somebody, with a hate-driven agenda, ran around with a loaded AK-47 in the parks here in Dearborn - the town where I live!

Anonymous said...

I hope Hultgren is as tough on him as he is on traffic criminals.

Anonymous said...

Don’t expect much of anything from Judge Hultgren; he’s involved with corrupt Arabs and waiting for the outcome of his fate.

Excellent coverage of the Judges woes:

Hezbollah's U.S. Courthouse: Mid-Western Judge with Mid-Eastern Ethics

UPDATE - Hussein Dabaja: Hezbollah Billboard Backer Involved in Dearbornistan Judge Bribery Case

This from the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission:

Formal Complaint No. 82
Hon. William C. Hultgren, 19th District Court

A copy of Formal Complaint No. 82

A copy of the Request for Appointment of Master

A copy of the Respondent's Answer and Affirmative Defenses