Tuesday, March 11, 2008

'A Man Needs an Education These Days, If He Ever Hopes to Blow Up Some Jews'

Speaking of high-tech terrorists, the Free Press ran some comments Talal Chahine, the fugitive owner of the extinct La Shish restaurant chain, made in 2006. He made his comments from his Lebanese fastness, in answer to federal prosecutors claiming he has links with Hezbollah. (“Chahine's response to Hizballah claims”).

Chahine denies supporting terrorism, of course. He was only participating in a fundraiser for al- Mabarrat, to help out the orphans. (The orphans of suicide terrorists, that is). But Chahine doesn’t seem to believe there is much terrorism out there, anyway. It's exaggerated, like Communism during the Cold War.

"The war on terror is becoming the modern-day equivalent of McCarthyism. I strongly believe that the war against terrorism will not be won with a bullet, bomb or missile but by somehow giving hope to those people in the world who are without hope, and this can only be achieved by better communication and education."

We hear this a lot. Impoverished Msulims from throughout the Middle East, Africa, and sout Asia leave home and trek to Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iraq to blow themselves up in an act of depseration over their living conditions back home. Cure poverty, and you'll cure terrorism, it's said.

Yet it keeps turning out that better communication, education, and literacy don't seem to be quieting things down.

Chahine may not have heard, for instance, about Al Qaeda’s al-Sahab production company, the one that’s garnered such impressive notice from AP writer Kathy Gannon. (“AP Writer Bullish on Al Qaeda”).

It’s not poor people without hope or education joining up at all, (it never really was), but computer-savvy PhDs and professors. And as for better communication, that’s exactly how Al Qaeda’s winning recruits over--with slick videos.

Instead of using all this literacy and education and high-quality communication to win the war against terrorism, terrorists are using all these tools to recruit even more fighters to win their war against the West.

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Landwarrior said...

As for the jews, one should look at who owns all the major banks in this country (and the world as well!). The economy is big news these days, donchaknow. Now, I personally take exception to the word "terrorist". I have friends who are militia members, and in certain circles, they'd be considered domestic terrorists, even though, in reality, they're freedom fighters, in the real sense of the word. I guess one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, depending which side you're on. As for the muslims...Well, they brought it on themselves, so they have what's comin' to 'em, and they damn sure deserve it, in my opinion.