Sunday, February 17, 2008

How Much Longer Must We Tolerate the Danes?

Danish youths riot for sixth night

Sat Feb 16, 2008 4:02pm EST
COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Gangs of rioters set fire to cars and garbage trucks in northern Copenhagen on Friday, the sixth night of rioting and vandalism that has spread from the capital to other Danish cities, police said on Saturday.

Five youths were arrested in the capital on Friday after 28 cars and 35 garbage trucks were burned, Copenhagen police duty officer Jakob Kristensen told Reuters.

Danish media said arrests in other towns brought to 29 the number of people police were holding.

Scores of cars and several schools have been vandalized or burned in the past week. Police could give no reason, but said that unusually mild weather and the closure of schools for a winter break might have contributed.

Now, at the risk of coming across as politically incorrect, there is something I just have to say about the rioting in Denmark, and I don't really care whose feelings get hurt. I'm not buying this about the police not knowing the reasons for all this; they know darn well the Danish people clearly are out of control.

I’m getting sick and tired of the conspiracy of silence when Danish people have to cause, for no reason at all, this kind of violence and mayhem. Nor do I know why there's any nation left in Europe, or in America, still willing to put up with the Danish people, and especially with their angry and volatile youth. Obviously, things have gone too far when, as is widely reported by Reuters and others, the youth of Denmark are willing to riot, burn, and vandalize, for no other reason than that they’re not in school and the weather is mild.

But no one seems to want to face up to the plain truth of it. In one tragic example of denial, some social workers tried to tell Reuters they thought the riots "might" have been fuelled by the arrests of some Tunisians and a Moroccan, who happened to plan spending their school holiday murdering a cartoonist who’d drawn a picture of Mohammed.

Yet the social workers' explanation directly contradicts what the Danish police said, and aren't the police much better equipped to interpret facts and evidence than social workers are? Besides, as news report after news report repeatedly clarifies, the rioters aren’t Muslims or North Africans, but Danish youth.

My point is that West continues to ignore this growing Danish menace at its peril. Isn't it high time that political and religious leaders, media, and intellectuals stopped making excuses, and we all faced up frankly to the fact that no one can get along with the Danes?

And we all have a pretty good idea why.

While some waste time trying to point to the “root causes” behind the uprising of Danish youth, (high standard of living, free health care and tuition, a surplus of blonde girls), few are willing to discuss openly the role that religion plays in shaping the minds of impressionable young Danes.

Yes, I said it. I blame religion.

It happens to be a matter of history that from 1536 onward the Danish people have been forced to live under the state-sponsored brand of religion preached by the aggressive “Evangelical Lutheran Church.” So effective has been this dictatorship of the mind that 95% of the population now consider themselves Evangelical Lutherans. And we're supposed to believe this upsurge in violence has nothing to do with the Danish religion?

And I'm well aware that pointing out connections between uncivilized behavior and the influence of any particular religion is extremely offensive. Many believe that all religions are equal and deserve equal respect. It clearly follows that if one religion could be better or worse than any other, than multiculturalism would become impossible.

That's so logical, it’s hard to argue with. So let's supose for the sake of argument that maybe the problem isn't religion, but just that the Danish are, and have from ancient times, been naturally violent people, regardless of their religion.

After all, the Vikings were Danes, weren’t they? As far back as the 8th Century, even before they were Lutherans, the Vikings were trying to
take over the world.

They were forever raiding and committing rapine throughout Europe, even going so far as to attack Muslim Spain and Morocco.

Now, modern day Danish-Lutherans with Viking blood are still trying to impose their narrow views on other peoples, including in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

Isn't it about time the world stood up to Denmark once and for all?

Wake up Europe! Wake up America!

Or some day very soon we're all going to be eating meatballs and watching American Idol in Danish.


Right Truth said...

What? The youth has nothing better to do than riot, the weather was good and school was out? Oh my goodness.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

T.R. Clancy said...

Exactly Debbie

Why can't they spend their school holidays playing video games like other kids do?

Anonymous said...

You guys all suck. Stupid Redneck americans