Monday, February 04, 2008

'The Best Person for the Job'

We've already had our primary in Michigan, but this Tuesday's primaries are critical for the nation's future.

The following excellent article by Walid Phares summarizes the stakes in the presidential race as it affects our war with global jihadism. Though I was never going to vote for a Democrat, I do number myself among those who believe that John McCain is in reality an "anti-conservative," and I would only consider voting for him to forestall the horrors of a Clinton or Obama presidency.

The Best Person for the Job
Walid Phares, PhD

When it comes to US Presidential elections, the post 9/11 era has changed the rules of engagement for national security experts and for those who can read the Jihadists’ minds. While the counterterrorism community should let the voters chose their chief executive first, then later offer expert advice to the President, unfortunately, the world has changed.

Indeed, since the 9/11 and the engagement of the nation in the war with Jihadism, the selection of the US President can fundamentally affect the very survival of the American people. Whoever occupies the White House in 2009, for the next 4 to 8 years will have to make decisions that will have cataclysmic consequences on the physical security and the freedoms of 300 million citizens in this country, and eventually on the free world as a whole.

The leader of the most powerful democracy in the world has to be able to know who the enemy is so that all resources are put into action against it. Without this, the next US President could cause a major disaster to happen to this nation. American voters cannot afford to install a man or a woman who can’t identify and define the enemy. If you can’t see an enemy, you simply cannot defeat it.

The 2004 Presidential elections took place in quasi-popular ignorance. The sitting -- and fighting -- President was reelected by the basic instincts of Americans, but not by enlightened citizens. An overwhelming majority of voters was not fully informed as to the real stakes. The country was told that the war in Iraq was wrong, and about half of the country believed it. They were also told there was no war on terror, but worse, they were never told who the enemy was or what it really wanted.

Phares goes on to provide a fair account of the views on the war on terror of both leading candidates, from either party. He finally comes down for Mitt Romney, based on Romney's most accurate identification of our enemy as Global Jihadism.

Please read the entire article here. Let us know what you think.


Anonymous said...

The problem with McCain is that you NEVER know where he’s coming from. As, with Hillary and B. Hussein it is pretty darn evident that you know they are lying to you and they themselves accept the fact that they are lying too.

Recently there has been some great coverage of what John McCain is capable of when whatever he is doing will benefit him or the abuse of his Office to keep his second wife out of jail.

At this point in time, any vote on the Republican side other than a vote for Romney, will have the same results as a vote for a Democrat.

T.R. Clancy said...

I have to agree. He can't be depended upon. I so hope he isn't the nominee after tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I agree as well, and I voted for Romney... was following him closely.

But the news is now out that Romney has stepped down.

It looks like the nomination belongs to McCain. I can't imagine the Huckster getting it.