Monday, October 01, 2007

'This Is Not Over'

We’ve certainly been hard on the Dearborn Press & Guide for the past year, most recently chiding young reporter, Sean Delaney, for his "maybe Hezbollah is and maybe it isn’t a terrorist group" speculation in his initial coverage of the arrest of Houssein Zorkot. ("How the Press & Guide Does 'Fair and Balanced'").

But in Sunday’s edition, Mr. Delaney has regained some of our respect by the straight reporting he does based upon arrest reports obtained through a Freedom of Information request. (“Documents reveal new details in Zorkot case”).

As Peter Parker’s uncle told him in Spiderman, with great power to make sarcastic remarks comes great responsibility to give credit where it is due. So, thanks for reporting this important information, Sean.

According to reports from the responding officers Zorkot was first confronted by Dearborn police in Hemlock Park on the night of September 8, after three unidentified persons reported seeing a man carrying a firearm. Zorkot resisted, struggling to the extent that officers had to crack his arm with flashlights and finally shoot him with a Taser.

According to Delaney, the police report describes the electrical jolt causing Zorkot “to fall to the ground, where he began rolling back and forth while yelling ‘Ali Ackbed.’”

I’m inclined to assume this spelling is the reporting officer’s phonetic rendering of “Allahu Akbar,” the well-known battle cry of Islamist warriors at the climactic moment of attack. (That, or maybe it is some South Lebanese dialect for “Don’t Tase me, bro.”)

In any case, Zorkot did have to go through another round of Tasing, after which, as he was escorted to the patrol car, he told police, “You think this is over? This is not over.”

By all means read Delaney’s account, especially his careful inventory of what was found with Zorkot in his vehicle: (e.g., “eight prepaid international phone cards,” “numerous photographs of Zorkot standing in front of a billboard depicting ‘various Muslim extremists,’” “[t]wo cameras.”

Dearborn police are continuing to say that Zorkot has not been “linked” with any terrorist group, but we still don’t know exactly what it takes to determine such “links” exist. Do Hezbollah fighters carry ID cards, like all members of the ACLU and the NAACP?

We do already know that Zorkot ran his own Hooray for Hezbollah website, and had himself photographed in Southern Lebanon, the heart of Hezbollah’s terror empire, in front of rocket launchers and billboards of Nasrallah.

But supporting Hezbollah doesn’t make a person a terrorist, says Imad Hamad of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. "Expressing sympathy for something is not a crime and it does not make one a terrorist," he said.

True, expressing sympathy with terrorism may not make one a terrorist, but picking up a powerful weapon and brandishing one out of sympathy for terrorism must get you pretty close. But hey, Imad, while we're on the subject, why does expressing sympathy towards fighting jihadist terrorism make one an Islamophobe?

Anyway, Hamad also says we’re “still learning the facts in this case and it is important not to rush to judgment. Clearly, this was an unfortunate incident perpetrated by a disturbed individual.”

Hamad doesn’t explain why, in spite of lots of evidence that Zorkot was motivated by his allegiance to Hezbollah and pursuit of his own “personal jihad,” it is a rush to judgment to assume Zorkot's motives were terror-related, but on no evidence at all Hamad can state so matter-of-factly that Zorkot is “clearly…a disturbed individual.”

(Actually, claims of mental illness, and that the perpetrator were "acting alone," have been standard defenses to keep violent terror-motivated actions in the US from actually being connected up with worldwide terrorism).

We’re still going to have to wait to find out exactly what Zorkot said--or what authorities discovered--that led to his being charged with unlawful intent to use a firearm. His forensic exam will also settle whether or not Zorkot is mentally competent to stand trial, or really is only a “disturbed individual.”

But spend a few minutes on his website and you’ll have no problem figuring out what’s disturbing him.


billybabble said...

I think I'd wait for at least nine more 'Atta Boys' before I started heaping on the praise. Being thrown a bone every other blue moon doesn't absolve the press from their blatant glaucomic vision of the threats we face, despite the apparent red meat attached to this one.

Anonymous said...

Clancy, for once I disagree with you

Delaney deserves respect? No way! He ruined the entire piece when he quoted Hamad. He draws a straight line from facts to the "let's not rush to judgement" shit

Let's see....the perp tells us he is a terrorist, has started his jihad against the USA, parades a loaded gun in camo and fatigues, etc. WTF was he going to do with the gun? The real conclusion is obvious. The only reason he didn't kill anybody is because he had yet to come across any infidels.

Delaney, like the MSM is clueless, impotent, and spineless. He couldn't shoot fish in a barrel. He can't be confused by the facts, because he is unable to determine what the facts actually mean.

All the pandering to political correctness does is shift the attention away from the facts, which are self evident in this case, and makes debate over the issue of Islamofascism in this country next to impossible.

My name is Earl

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when I read the rendering in the newspaper of what Zorkhot said while being arrested. "Ali Ackbed?" And there was no explanation included to remind the reader that the exclamation was really a religious one, and one that has been uttered by thousands of terrorists in their violence, all over the world. Even my high-school-age daughter thought it odd that the contents of Zorkhot's vehicle were listed so thoroughly, even down to the children's video. "Are they trying to paint a picture in your mind that this man isn't really dangerous?", she asked. "Why would the Press and Guide do that?" All I could answer was, "Good question."

T.R. Clancy said...

Hi Guys

Point taken, guys, but don't worry that we're going to let the P&G off the hook based on one story, and I don't think I exactly called the press absolved. Delaney went behind the city's press release and FOIA'd the police report and printed the facts, so he did his job, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think Clancy was just trying to throw a dog a bone.

When the subject is a hot potato Tim Powers and Sean Delaney typically just reprint press release statements from CAIR and ADC. Trouble is the hot potato got passed to them and they had to actually gather facts and report.

Also, having read on too many occasions to count, what Delaney's idea of what Hezbollah is - "Hezbollah is considered by the state department as a terrorist organization but, many believe it is simply a resistance organization" -
I thought his requesting a FOIA sounded like he want to be a big boy.

Anonymous said...

I did a search of the name Zorkot in the online edition of the Arab American News. Nothing came up. That is indeed very strange as the whole incident is very newsworthy.

The AAN, once again reveals its' true hypocrisy.