Sunday, October 07, 2007

Clarification: Or, The Truth About Danny Wrilski

The other night I posted a spoof, satire, joke, at the expense of Barack Obama and Cub Scout Danny Wrilski, of Evanston, IL. ("Obama’s Brave Stand on Pin Raises Questions of Patriotism, Plagiarism").

Based on some feedback, some of it much more sober than what I was expecting, I can sense there's a need to post this clarification.

The thing is, there are Cub Scouts, there is an Evanston, IL, there is a Barack Obama, and there may or may not be some precocious 8-year-old science whiz by the name of Danny Wrilski, but if so, it is, like they say in Hollywood, purely coincidental.

You see, I made Danny up.

I apologize for any inconvenience, and only hope that no one will be too embarassed having to go back through your speed-dial list taking back all those rumors you spread about Senator Obama being a plagiarist based on no better authority than something I may have said. We take pride at Dearborn Underground in posting careful and accurate information. Except when we're being funny.

Frankly, I am a bit worried now about getting a lawsuit from Obama. I am even more concerned about getting sued by some kid from Evanston named Danny Wrilski.

I felt the need to take a jab at Obama for his lapel-pin remarks, but since the guy had been thoroughly ridiculed within about 90 minutes of saying what he said, I thought I would try a different approach. There are times when my mind makes leaps that, frankly, we'd all be better off if I could just learn to ignore.

In my own defense, I really wasn't trying to fool anybody, except to the extent required to tell a joke.

It never entered my mind for even a moment that anyone would actually believe that

a) Barack Obama, who has been declared articulate by no less an authority than Joe Biden, (and is deservedly called articulate) would be unable to provide his own lame explanation for why he stopped wearing a flag pin without having to steal words from somebody else, or

b) that the Boy Scouts of America would initiate a recall of 1.6 million merit badges based upon the result of a science experiment conducted by an 8-year-old in his basement, or

c) that a perfectly normal 8-year-old in Evanston named Danny Wrilski would actually speak to his pack leader in the kind of stilted and uninspired prose we get from presidential candidates.

So I'm very sorry. I have no reason to believe that Obama is a plagiarist. Please don't hold it against our blog, or Darby Shaw, who played no part in the cruel deception. I won't say we won't try it again, but I'll try to be less subtle.

And now I have to go, as I've kept Dan Rather's waiting on hold for me for the past 20 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Barack Obama and the Lapel Flag Flap

This week, Barack Obama has announced that he will no longer wear the American flag pin on his lapel. His reasoning is that it is a phony symbol that substitutes for real patriotism (which is doing the things that he feels would make America great. (I am of course, paraphrasing). Obama said that he began wearing the pin after 9-11, but that his latest decision is linked to our responses to 9-11 and Iraq. In response, many jumped on the issue to question his patriotism. I think that is too symplistic. Obama is just as patriotic as, well....most other Democrats in Congress, whatever that means. But seriously, this is a small matter and should be nothing more than a blip on the radar screen. It does raise a question in my mind about one's motives for wearing the pin in the first place and the decision to take it off.

My first recollection of the flag pin goes back to Richard Nixon, who always had it on. Of course, in the eyes of many, Nixon brought discredit to the fashion statement and was only wearing it to make a false statement on patriotism. Perhaps, though I believe that whatever Nixon's transgressions in office, he truly did love his country.

Since then, the flag pin has been seen regularly on the lapels of leading politicians, especially Republicans leading many on the left to treat it derisively ("Flag Wavers" and such).

So how do I feel about Obama's actions? Well, I for one, don't wear the pin. Actually, I hardly ever wear a suit anymore. I don't feel that it is necessary to wear it in order to show my patriotism. Similarly, I don't feel it is necessary for Obama or any other politician to wear it to show their patriotism either. I confess that sometimes I wonder about the motives of anyone in politics who wears it, though certainly many do for the purest of motives.

But I also wonder about the symbolism of removing it, especially in a public manner like Obama is doing. Obama must have known that the symbolic meaning would strike different people in different ways, especially when he linked it to our responses to 9-11 and the war in Iraq. To me, it adds a bit to my suspicion of him as a phony. If he had never worn it to begin with, no one would have given it a thought.

Obama is obviously an interesting figure, who has a charismatic presence. However, I have noticed that he varies his impressive speaking style depending on whether he is before a white or black audience. With black audiences, he tends to adopt the black Southern Baptist preaching style. Is this a testimony to his versatility? Maybe, but versatility in what you say can be a big negative in politics (Saying different things before different audiences).

Of course, none of this makes Obama different from other politicians, especially his main opponent, Madame Clinton. The flag pin flap is small potatoes. There are much more important reasons why I wouldn't vote for him. I just have this lingering feeling that this guy is a phony, and this week's pronouncement is just another indication.

gary fouse

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny.

On SNL they had a joke about a recall of merit badges made in China. They reported that the worst part was that the lead based merit badge recalled was the one given for merit badge eating.

billybabble said...

The problem with attempting satire with the likes of Obama or the dems is that NOTHING would be beyond the realm of believability.

When you have a candidate who is running for the highest office of the land refusing to wear an American Flag, how can that person expect any credibilty (or respect)whatsoever? That alone would be on the short list for a skit on Saturday Night live. Perhaps Mr. Obama has his own designs for a flag to represent the country he envisions, a plain white one that he can proudly wave to our enemies.(could be your next post)

The fault doesn't lay with your satire. It falls squarely in the lap of those who profess to be serious candidates projecting an unparalled image of buffoonery and anti American ramblings.