Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bin Laden Admits There Are Extremists in Islam

I guess this is why he’s the leader.

Advising his local chapter in Iraq to cool the bloodthirsty behavior that lost them popular support and Sunni cooperation in Anbar, Usama Bin Laden said in his newest video that “Everybody can make a mistake, but the best of them are those who admit their mistakes…Mistakes have been made during holy wars but mujahedeen have to correct their mistakes."
(“Bin Laden" audiotape: He even advises himself not to be "extreme").

So, if UBL can admit that Islamic jihadists are guilty of extremism without being called “Islamophobic,” then why can’t anyone else? And why can’t CAIR and the ADC call for moderation, instead of making excuses for terrorists?

DU has been unable to confirm with our translators that, later on in the tape, Bin Laden tries to blame the violence and brutality of AQI on a small number of “extremists” who have “hijacked” his peaceful jihadist movement.

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