Thursday, October 11, 2007

ISLAM's PROGRESS - World Headlines

It is no secret to most readers that Dearborn, MI appears to suffer much in the name of Islamic religious accommodation. It is the reason DU began reporting. But, I am beginning to believe the title of this blog might need to be changed from "Dearborn Underground", to "Coming Soon To a Location Near You."

How is it that instead of ringing the alarm bells, news from Dearborn brings about a sigh of relief. "Thank heavens this is not in my town, state, country", is the all too common response and a close second is, "Why do you chose to live there? Just move?."

"Where?", is my reply.

It is closer to you than you believe and if continue to rest easy in the belief that Dearborn has taken the bullet - Please be advised, a vast arsenal of bullets have been loaded, machines calibrated, and fingers are on the trigger. Where are the targets?

We are going to begin a new feature here at DU - News of Islam from around the world. Dearborn is a great example of what the future will be - but, it is not the only example.
Today's Headlines with links to the full article - just click headline in blue. There are some common themes here. Do you recognize any of the terms being used? How about 'Religious Dialogue'? 'Community Bridges?', 'Islamophobia'?

Islam means submission and it is posturing itself in alpha dog (maharum) position because it is hoping we lack the will to fight.


United Kingdom

If Muslim doctors are intolerant, let them go

In the place where I grew up – a particular square in one of the nicer Northern housing estates – there was a young Muslim doctor who lived with his wife and children.

Islamic school plans meet with public opposition

Tablighi Jamaat, an Islamic missionary group plans to open a madrasa for 500 boys near London's 2012 Olympic village.

Thousands risk genital mutilation

More than 20,000 girls under 15 in England and Wales could be at risk of genital mutilation, a charity warns.


Italy: Prominent Jewish group urges dialogue with "moderate" Muslims

During a visit to Rome on Monday, top officials from one of the most prominent Jewish organisations said they want to befriend moderate Muslims.

Austria Muslims Serve World Poor

Going beyond the usual occasional relief campaigns, an Austrian Muslim charity is launching a new worldwide drive to help meet the long-term needs of underprivileged communities in world countries via waqf-based projects.

Spain Hosts Islamophobia Conf

Amid world recognition of the alarming phenomena, Spain will play host on Tuesday, October 9, for an international conference on combating growing Islamophobia in Western societies.


Thompson warns of 'Islamic fascism'

Fred Thompson, the actor and ex-senator who has joined the Republican race for the US presidency, has vowed to halt the spread of "Islamic fascism" during a televised debate with his party rivals.

US Muslim Magazines Improve Image

With glossy covers, modern layouts and polished writing, Muslim magazines are fanning out across the shelves of American newsstands to address the imperfect representation of Muslims in the US media, reported the Chicago Tribune on Saturday, October 6.

White House Iftar for Muslims

US President George W. Bush and top officials hosted Thursday, October 3, an iftar banquet at the White House for a galaxy of Muslim minority leaders and Muslim ambassadors to the United States

Muslim "Alien" in America

A new TV comedy that hits the airwaves in US on Monday, October 1, touches on deeply-rooted misconceptions about Muslims and their faith in post 9/11 America through the story of a Pakistani kid coming to live with an American family.


50 held in Maldives mosque siege

More than 50 people were arrested today after hundreds of soldiers besieged a makeshift mosque on one of the small islands that make up the Maldives.

Hong Kong aims to become Islamic finance hub

Hong Kong's chief executive said Wednesday the city would look to emulate Malaysia and Singapore as a center for Islamic finance, in for Islamic finance, in an effort to grab a slice of the thriving market.

Space Fever in Malaysia

With the heavyweight Muslim country's first cosmonaut just about to blast off into the space, Malaysia is being gripped by a space fever.

Braille Qur'an Solaces Blind Indonesians

Thanks to Braille, many Indonesian's blind can now join fellow Muslims in seeking solace in their holy book, the Qur'an.


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