Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Anti-Israel Group Suspected of Tearing Down Pipes Posters

Anti-Racist Blog reports there's someone tearing down posters for the upcoming lectures by Daniel Pipes at Wayne State University and the Univeristy of Michigan-Ann Arbor this Tuesday, October 8, 2007. ("Flyer: Anti-America/Anti-Israel Group “Anti-Racist Action” Insults Daniel Pipes, Plans Protest For His Wayne State Lecture "). ARB, suspects the vandalism was done by Anti-Racist Action, the organization identified on the above poster.
According to ARB,

It would not be a stretch to speculate that members of Anti-Racist Action did this. Since they stated in the flyer above, "Daniel Pipes...cannot be permitted on OUR campus," they would certainly not hesitate to tear down an advertisement for his presentation. If true, it would seem that ARA members want to deprive students (who organized the event and put up the flyers) of their fundamental right to free speech.

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Anti-Racist Blog: Exposing Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism on American College Campuses said...

For more information on the Anti-America/Anti-Israel group "Anti-Racist Action," go to the link below:

The links throughout the post (especially at the bottom) will provide you with more information about the group (including literature they have distributed, video of a rally, and other relevant information).