Sunday, March 14, 2010

'Islam Is Islam'

More comments of interest on the question, Is there a moderate Islam?

From Andrew Bostom at The American Thinker:
Turkey's current Prime Minister Erdogan, commenting in August 2007 on the term "moderate Islam" (frequently used in the West to describe his ruling political party, the AKP) stated, "These descriptions are very ugly. It is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that's it." Erdogan's displeasure is ironic, even somewhat humorous, given the contemporary Western apologetic obsession to recast the terms "Islamism" and "Islamist" to exclusively denote radical or immoderate Islam and its adherents. But the irony of Erdogan's ire aside, artificial distinctions between Islamism and Islam, Islamist and Islamic are logically incoherent, obfuscating irrefragable truths about living Islamic dogma and its modern manifestations.
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Anonymous said...

No, there is no 'moderate Islam'.

Nor is there such a thing as a 'moderate moo-slime'. Their evil Green Book scribed by their pedophile, pirating so-called false prophet made sure the weak minded morons have to bow to the word of allah (piss be upon him) five times a day.

Yah think that's why the f#@%er's can't think for themselves?

1095! 1095!! 1095!!!

Anonymous said...

The religion can appear moderate for a time. The deception is its cloak of disguise. Muslims are told by Mo. that it is good to lie and deceive if it benefits Islam.

Anyone who actually reads the koran and/or hadiths will realize this religion is cunning and evil.