Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Roe v Wade Is All the Guidance Pelosi Needs

From NRO’s, “The Corner”:
Notre Dame Still Carrying Water for Pro-Abort Dems [Jack Fowler]

A year after the infamous Obama invite, the Golden Dome continues to tarnish. From
today’s Los Angeles Times:

In the tense hours Sunday leading up to the House vote on a historic healthcare bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took time to call the former president of Notre Dame, Father Theodore Hesburgh.The House Democrats' leader was not seeking spiritual guidance. What she wanted was Hesburgh to help lock up the vote of Rep. Joe Donnelly, a Democrat from South Bend, Ind., who was wavering over the abortion issue.Donnelly ultimately pressed the "yes" button late Sunday night.

To be fair, the report doesn’t say the padre made the call. But the fact that a Dem politico has no qualms calling Hesburgh tasking him with doing something that will surely harm the unborn, it’s all very disturbing.
What this says about Fr. Hesburgh is unclear. But what it say about Pelosi is manifest.

Maybe we all misunderstood her when she said on Meet the Press she was an “ardent” Catholic. I think she must have said “hardened” Catholic.

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Wendy Woodley said...

A wolf ...er, Satan?....in sheep's clothing. Oh Bishops, speak up, PLEASE!