Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let's Leave the 'Divine' Out of This

From today's Detroit Free Press:

Call it divine intervention from a mysterious man of the cloth

U.S. Rep Dale Kildee of Flint made some noise last week when the onetime seminarian and practicing Catholic declared he's satisfied with the abortion provision in the health care reform bill, though he reached that point only after listening to both sides and seeking "counsel from my priest."

What's unclear is who that priest is: The Rev. Frederick Taggart of St. Matthews -- Kildee's home parish in Flint -- says he's not had any conversation with the congressman about it, and, if he had, he'd tell him that he's set against it.

Taggart said he doesn't see much of Kildee, however. The congressman may be attending church mostly in the Washington, D.C., area or some other Michigan church.

Kildee's office declined to give details about who counseled him, calling it a "private conversation" between him and his priest -- whoever that is.

We Catholics have a term for that. It's called politician/enabler confidentiality.

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