Friday, January 16, 2009

Osama bin Who?

Maybe GWB didn’t get Osama before the end of his term.

But how much difference does it make? If we had direct evidence tomorrow that he’d died or we killed, him, it wouldn’t make us one bit safer. Jihad is a lot bigger than bin Laden. The time when killing or capturing bin Laden would have saved lives passed long ago. It passed during the Clinton administration.

Yes, every couple years he comes out with another tape. There are no pictures, naturally, so you can't se his busted head or his bloodless complexion, or the damp cave that has to make do for his ICU. Regardlesss, the media respond to each tape with their usual wet dream that bin Laden's listless voice somehow constitutes a triumph over Bush.

But then think about it: How formidable can an international terrorist be when the main subject of conversation every time he leaks a message out through the Arab press isn't the seriousness of his threats or his mostly irrelevant calls to jihad, but whether or not the poor son-of-a-bitch is even really alive?

No doubt about it, OBL is messed up.

And it was George W. Bush who made him that way.

Fortunately for Planet Earth, that’s one thing none of Obama’s advisers, no matter how hard they try, can reverse.

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