Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Elahi Fights With Only Weapon He Has--Lies

The Detroit News’s resident jihadist crank, Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi, has weighed in this morning on the Israeli offensive in Gaza, with the kind of illogic and misstatements we’ve come to expect. (“Israel perpetrates slaughter in name of self-defense”).

This time his turban is in a particular twist, limiting himself mostly to denunciations of just about everybody, (except Hamas, of course), and the odd misstatement of fact. In what must be the most breathtaking hypocrisy I’ve seen in my life, Elahi criticizes non-Muslim religious leaders for what’s going on now in Gaza:
Where are religious leaders to promote peace and love among Abraham's children? Where is the pope and the rabbis? Silence may protect them from the Israeli lobby and media, but it won't save them from God's justice and the consequences of this barbaric blood bath.
That’s right. Elahi, that unapologetic agent of the Iranian regime (the one that wants to wipe all of “Abraham’s children” associated with Israel off the map), and who is a defender of Hezbollah, (best known for promoting peace and love among Abraham’s Christian and Jewish children with high explosives, rocket attacks, and terror) blames nonMuslims for all this, and can't think of one word to say against Hamas.

Nor did Elahi have any reaction to the jihadist massacre in Mumbai, in spite of his sensitivity to the plight of "Abraham's children."

Elahi denies Israel’s right to defend herself, as good as saying that any action Israel takes to protect her citizens is a war crime. On the other hand, he doesn’t bat an eye implying that the endless rocket and mortar attacks by Hamas that have brought this offensive on are legitimate self-defense, quoting a London Guardian columnist, "Like any occupied people, the Palestinians have the right to resist. But there is no right of defense for an illegal occupation."

As stated over and over, Israel withdrew completely from Gaza in 2005, and was not occupying Gaza, and Elahi knows this.

He is lying about this.

The way he tells it, (he even quotes Patrick Henry!) if Hamas kills Jews, it's the American War of Independence all over again. If Israel responds, it's "slaughter."


Anonymous said...

Elahi and other Muslim leaders depend on American ignorance and laziness when they lie like this. Americans who don't want to investigate the truth, depend on the Det. News to tell them what to think.

This blog is important - a record of truth - amidst the lies. Keep it up


Anonymous said...

Please consider writing a letter to the editor at the P&G. If you post the letter here, your loyal readers vow to copy and send to the P&G over and over again until it is printed.

You have the knowledge and skill to do this without blemishing the truth.

T.R. Clancy said...

My job had me out of town most of the week, and unable to do much blogging. Thanks for the suggestion to write to P&G (which I have done in the past to no avail). I will seriously consider it. Thanks for reading.