Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jimmy Carter to Hamas: 'Be like Gandhi'

Spotted this at American Thinker:

Jimmy Carter to Hamas: 'Be like Gandhi'

Rick Moran

Not that we need any more proof that Jimmy Carter is a hopelessly naive, ignorant man. But Ed Lasky just sent this gem along that proves Carter to be not only a ridiculous romantic about Hamas but dangerous to the cause of peace as well.

Jimmy Carter from his book "We can have Peace in the Holy Land: A Plan that will Work:"

"...We pursued the concept of nonviolent resistance with Hamas leaders and gave them documents and video presentations on the successful experiences of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther king, Jr. and others..."

"...The premise of real peace and security in exchange for Palestinian territory has long been acceptable to a substantial majority of Israelis but not to a minority of the more conservative leaders who are unfortunately supported by most of the vocal American Jewish Leadership.."

Can't you just see schoolmarm Carter trying to give lessons on non-violence to the dirty necked thugs of Hamas? It isn't likely they would have found it funny. More like, puzzling. "Doesn't this guy know who we are? What planet is this guy from?"

While it is true that land for peace is widely supported in Israel, it is indicative of Carter's ignorance that Hamas themselves could care less about "land for peace" and wish simply "the land" part of that equation.

Empty of Jews, of course...


Anonymous said...

Tonight, Jimmy Carter appeared on The Daily Show with John Stewart. Even open liberal Stewart asked Carter, "Where is the Arab leader with street cred who will dare to speak for peace?" Carter didn't have an answer.

Anonymous said...

JC was one of the worst, if not the worst presidents we ever had. Back when I was a democrat I didn't like him and didn't vote for him. Spineless. Clueless. He is largely responsible for the mess we are in today due to his Ghandi like approach in dealing with the Iranians.