Sunday, April 25, 2010

Obama the Imposer-in-Chief

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called Saturday for a resumption of peace negotiations with Israel and said he had asked the United States more than once to unilaterally "impose" a solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (“Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas says he asked U.S. to 'impose' peace solution”)

And why not ask President Obama to impose a solution?

Didn’t Obama impose a health care law on all Americans that we didn’t want? Why wouldn’t watching world leaders draw a lesson from that?

Then Obama went out of his way to let the international community -- especially Israel’s enemies in the Middle East -- know beyond doubt that he shares the same anti-Israel views of the current Palestinian leaders. Won’t Fatah leaders and Israel’s other enemies in the neighborhood see Obama as a co-conspirator in their campaign to destroy Israel?

So Fatah knows that Obama supports the Palestinian cause, hates Israel, and sees himself as an agent of fundamentally transformative change. Why not recruit Obama’s help in fundamentally transforming a strong, thriving Israel into the kind of Israel Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah, and 300 million neighboring Muslims mean by “a solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”: that is, an Israel that is no more?

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