Saturday, April 10, 2010

Insults and Lies Must Be Walid's Cup of Tea

It’s telling to me how civil-rights humanitarian Dawud Walid, CAIR-MI’s (for now) executive director, stoops to using the debased expression “tea baggers” when referring to participants in the Tea Party Movement. (“Tea Baggers Coming to Town”).

In case you aren’t familiar with provenance of the phrase, you can read about it here.
(“Rise of an epithet”).

I wonder if one way to get rid of the term would be for straight people, when listening to one of the oft-enocuntered proudly open and vocal homosexual males talking about their favorite subject -- themselves -- were to ask, “Oh, you’re gay? Would you describe yourself as one of these tea baggers?” Since current civil-rights dogma provides that no one is allowed to call homosexuals degrading names except other homosexuals, it wouldn’t take long for the left-wing thought police to banish the phrase entirely.

Walid also resorts, hack-like, to repeating the slanderous and debunked myth of the Selma-like assault on helpless Congresspersons, when Tea Party protesters, lies Walid, were “calling two Black congressmen including Muslim-American congressman Andre’ Carson the N-word numerous times and spitting in a Black congressman’s face.”

At any rate, at least he’s providing some helpful information about Sunday’s Tea Party rally in Clinton Township, which you can look up here.

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