Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Incredible Shrinking Investigation

I’ve noticed that local news stories on CAIR’s “independent investigation” of radical Imam Luqman Abdullah’s death are shrinking. Soon updates may just be a tiny graphic next to the daily weather forecasts. The upate logo could include a cartoon of Abdullah’s three-storey turban, surmounted by a looming ?

On Thursday, The Detroit News ran 200 words of nothing on CAIR’s release of five autopsy photos. (“Group: Photos belie feds in imam killing”). Hint: Don’t fall for the headline.

The IPT did an interesting piece contrasting the handling of the arrests of the Hutaree militia with that of the raid on Abdullah and his henchmen. (“CAIR's Great Responsibility Dodge”).
The Michigan-based separatist movement lured followers with an explosive mixture of radical religious interpretation and a deep hostility toward government, especially law enforcement.
It trained in the use of weapons and talked of killing police officers.

After building a criminal case, federal law enforcement officials prepared to move in. The suspects all were considered armed and dangerous. FBI agents lured them to a site away from their base of operations in hopes they could be arrested peacefully. The defendants could live to fight in court.

At this point, we could be describing the March arrests of nine members of
the Hutaree, a Christian terrorist movement whose members are charged with seditious conspiracy, or the October case of Imam Luqman Abdullah and 11 followers on conspiracy and weapons charges.

The arrests have one significant and tragic difference. All the Hutaree suspects surrendered when agents came to arrest them, one after a lengthy standoff, and no one was hurt. But Abdullah was killed after refusing to surrender and firing his gun as FBI agents moved in. One of three shots fired from Abdullah's gun killed a police dog sent in to subdue him.
The IPT has the same point of view we do. “CAIR’s continuing attempt to deflect all responsibility away from Luqman Abdullah with its campaign of ‘questions’ in the absence of anything more than conjecture speaks volumes about its priorities.”

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