Saturday, November 14, 2009

You Drag, I Drag, Either Way, Jihad's a Drag

The going rationale amongst Dearborn’s Muslim spokesmen explaining why Nidal Hasan’s jihadist murder rampage is not related to Islam is that there are criminals in every religion.

CAIR’s Dawud Walid complained thus last week: “This (Fort Hood) crime was heinous,” said Walid, “but there are heinous crimes committed all the time and the assailants’ religions aren't brought into play. That seems to be the case for American Muslims.”

Not exactly. In Dearborn and southwest Detroit we see our share of Arab or Muslim characters involved in criminal activity that, once in a while, actually doesn’t manage to send a tithe of its proceeds to Hezbollah.

Take Khalil Chahine, the young gangster son of Hezbollah supporter and fugitive Talil Chahine, who was convicted of second-degree murder for shooting to death the fiancé of his former girlfriend.

More recently, there’s been the most odious Ihab Maslamani, the murdering, carjacking, bank-robbing, hostage-taking, kidnapping, Lebanese Arab illegal alien who is standing trial for murdering Matthew Landry, for nothing, after carjacking him at an Eastpointe Quiznos.

Here is Maslamani trying to take a hostage at a Flagstar Bank in Harrison Township the next day.

No one criticized Maslamani’s Muslim religion or his ethnicity for his evil actions. In fact, the press has completely ignored his religion. He appears to be a garden-variety (I’m sorry, Lord) low-life piece of shit. It’s true that every religion and culture has its share of these. Which proves exactly nothing as to the issue of Islamic jihadism.

Walid is all wet when he tries to tell us that American Muslims (Maslamani isn't an American anyway) who commit crimes routinely have their religion dragged into it. They don't.

Nidal Hasan dragged his religion into it himself when he identified himself as a “soldier of Allah,” and dedicated his murder spree to Allah’s greatness.


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