Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eric Holder to Share Banquet Stage with Terror Lawyer

From The Politico:

Attorney General Eric Holder has agreed to give a keynote speech next week to a Michigan group which includes the local branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations even though the FBI has formally severed contacts with the controversial Muslim civil rights organization.

On Nov. 19, Holder is scheduled to speak in Detroit to the first annual awards banquet of Advocates and Leaders for Police and Community Trust, a coalition of several dozen law enforcement and community groups
. An online registration form for the event includes the Council on American Islamic Relations-Michigan on a list of “official & participating organizations.”
(“Despite ban, Holder to speak to CAIR-linked group”).
AG Holder will be sharing a stage with ALPACT Co-Chair Nabih Ayad, who sued the U.S. Government in 2006 to stop the monitoring of international telephone traffic from suspected terrorists overseas. Ayad, a lawyer, told the court that he himself was providing legal advice to "individuals abroad whom the United States government believes to be terrorist suspects."

Now I’m more amazed than ever that the local FBI was ever involved in the takedown a couple weeks back of the late Imam Luqman Abdullah and his band of sharia merry men. Not only did the federal complaint against Abdullah fearlessly connect the dots between Abdullah’s religious beliefs and his violent criminal activity, but it pulled no punches when reciting details of the greater Islamic worldview justifying their violence, crimes, and hatred of Jews, infidels, police--Kuffirs.

For a second there after the raid, I thought the FBI’s decision to kick CAIR to the curb was bearing fruit. (As if. I know better now).

Ever since the Ft. Hood attack, it’s plain we’re still stuck with the same old FBI. Barely an hour after the attack, when things were still confused and every detail being reported was an error, including how many shooters were involved, I heard the FBI’s pronouncement on the radio that the attack was not terrorism. As Andy McCarthy writes, the FBI’s first message was, “Forget about Islamic (or at least Islamist) terrorism. This mass murder wasn’t even terrorism.”

Now federal counterterrorism is back to diversity as usual. Was the Abdullah raid just an anomaly? Was it just the work of some renegade agents determined to do their jobs, PC be damned?

I mean, what if the joint terrorism task force’s investigation led them to drop the hammer on Abdullah a few days later, on a date after Ft. Hood? Does anyone really believe that federal officials here or in Washington would ever authorize a raid like that--or the filing of a complaint like that--when Homeland Security has made it a priority to defend Muslims against all enemies, foreign and domestic?

And now I’m reading on Politico that CAIR and the local feds are closer than ever, in spite of disagreements over the Abdullah raid.

“Walid has been sharply critical of the FBI for using deadly force in the operation, but the CAIR official said that doesn’t mean the group is at loggerheads with the federal law enforcement agency.” Sharply critical? He’s been calling the FBI agents provocatuers, and sponsoring a video on his blog that frankly calls the killing of Abdullah an FBI “murder.” Now Walid brags that he and Andrew Arena have each other’s cell numbers on speed dial.

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