Friday, November 20, 2009

'Look, Imam, No Hands!'

In a development only slightly less surprising than Miley Cyrus’s career choice to experiment with pole-dancing, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder last night in Detroit promised CAIR and other Muslim leaders that under his direction federal anti-terrorism efforts will be even more feckless and see-no-evil than they’ve been since 9/11.

“We are committed to protecting the rights of all Americans, including Muslims,” Holder told a crowd of hundreds at the Detroit Marriot in the Renaissance Center. “This is not blind adherence to political correctness. It is devotion to our founding documents.” (“Holder: Protect rights of all Americans, including Muslims”).
Context wasn’t offered, but I assume that this was a reference to the Ft. Hood shootings, which were brought to you and 13 army families by blind PC, and which the government has been stalwartly refusing to recognize as being an Islamic initiative.

Because Holder couldn’t deny the role political correctness played in Hasan’s attack without getting laughed into oblivion by the national press, he instead sanctified it by giving “blind adherence to political correctness” the new baptismal name of “devotion to our founding documents.” The bottom line is, “Damn the critics! Full blind adherence to PC ahead!”

I haven’t got any inside info on whether or not Holder, before he had to dress up for the Big Ball, had a sit down with Special Agent in Charge Andrew Arena, or Arena’s bosses at the FBI, about the Abdullah take-down. Even though Arena has made some supremely stupid statements about Islam, he has consistently defended his agents for their actions in shooting down homicidal jihadist soldier Abdullah. We’ll keep our ears open for that unmistakable grinding sound of federal law-enforcement backpedaling, at least as it applies to the Abdullah case.

It’s patently obvious that Holder’s purpose last night was to re-assure Muslim leaders (CAIR included) that on his watch federal law enforcement is going to be as hands-off the Muslim community as he can manage to get away with. You see, as dictated by politics of Islamophobia and current race theory, the only way we can ever prove that we aren’t practicing anti-Muslim profiling is with statistics that show no Muslims anywhere in America are being “unfairly” charged, detained, arrested, or even questioned. And, as CAIR keeps telling us, the only statistic that will satisfy them is--0.

I’ll tell you what disgusts me about all this. It’s got to be Holder’s shameless lying about the record of the Bush Justice Department.

Holder describes the Obama age as a moment of moral enlightenment following a mythical post 9/11 era when Muslims in America were routinely deprived of their civil rights by executive decree. This is the undying lie that we at DU have to correct time and again. (Painfully correct, as it requires proving a negative—that there was no backlash). The DOJ under Bush tread SO carefully that many of us thought the federal footprint was too light. That’s why the six imams doing a recon mission on U.S. Air were not charged when they should have been: instead they were allowed to file and win a lucrative lawsuit for discrimination. More significant is when the squeamish DOJ blew up their own, and Dearborn’s, one-and-only significant terrorist prosecution.

After 9/11, Muslims in America were bequeathed additional civil rights, not officially, but by tacit lack of enforcement as dictated by politically correct guidelines. The result was that Muslims—especially young, Muslim males--were treated unequally by being less likely than nonMuslim counterparts to face secondary airport screening, deportation in the case of immigration violations, or interrogation by federal law enforcement.

During this awful period CAIR, the ADC, ACCESS, and the rest weren’t demanding equality, but special treatment. And they got it. Unsurprising, under the new and weaker Obama regime, the demands of CAIR and the rest have only increased.

Such is the way of bullies, and such the way of their terrified prey. Listen to Imad Hamad pronounce last night how the United States Department of Justice is on probation with the ADC until they say so:
Hamad said while Holder was "on target" with his speech, the real test of how the Justice Department will protect the civil liberties of Arab-Americans and Muslims is yet to come.

"He is setting the tone for the nation and all law enforcement, and that is very important," Hamad said. "He managed to define the line between the new administration and the Bush administration.
"The ultimate test ... is the future."
(“Holder targets racial profiling in Detroit speech”).
DU has been unable to confirm reports that Holder bowed 95 degrees to the imams last night, facing either towards them, as some report, or presenting to them backwards, as better sources suggest.

As Ann Coulter wrote today, “In a liberal's reckoning, diversity is good when we have both Muslim jihadists and patriotic Americans serving in the U.S. military.”

Just so, federal antiterrorism efforts apparently require a healthy mix of both anti- and pro-terrorist viewpoints. Hence, CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas, are permanent members of the federal antiterrorism team.

Feel safer now?

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