Sunday, April 20, 2008

Emailing Us

Due to the incompetence of our IT department, (me), our blog is often far from cutting edge, technically speaking, (while remaining steadily cutting edge in content).

For example, when I started the blog, for security reasons I arranged email to go through a blind third-party, but soon found out that incoming emails were also having their addresses blocked out, so I wasn't able to answer them.

Our official email is now through the EMAIL US link right at the top of our blog. But now and then someone emails me through the old link that I included in the Why Dearborn Underground? document. I finally caught that error, and I think it's fixed now.

Long story short, if you wish to write to us more directly than through the Comments feature, you can click on EMAIL US, or, and I will be able to see your address and reply. As always, public or private comments or messages are most welcome.

I mention it now because I received an email through the old third-party email server from a Toledo reader signing as "dm," and couldn't reply. I hope that person writes again, and I apologize for being so Delta Geek.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As long as the writing is this good, I'll keep coming back.

--L from Dbn