Friday, April 25, 2008

Dearborn Heights Imam Says Wright Is on 'Mission of Jesus'

Our friends at the Zionist Organization of America wrote a polite but firm letter to Rev. Wendell Anthony, president of the Detroit chapter of the NAACP, asking him to rescind the decision to honor Rev. Jeremiah Wright with a national forum at their convention in Detroit this Sunday.

Wright is an outspoken anti-Semite who, among other things, lent his own Pastor’s Column in the church newsletter to a Hamas spokesman. The ZOA letter to Rev. Anthony lays out in detail the offending remarks of Rev. Wright. It is well worth reading for its own sake, and I'll post it separately.

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi, head of the Islamic House of Worship in Dearborn Heights, responded to the ZOA's request in the Detroit News by defending Wright, whom he calls “a shining light, bringing dignity and integrity to our nation. His voice represents the mission of Jesus and the call for freedom and justice.”

Elahi, with the sort of logical leap and moral relativism we’re many of us getting so tired of trying to answer, tries to accuse the ZOA of hypocrisy because, while requested the NAACP not to invite an anti-Semite to give a sermon at their Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner, the ZOA itself “didn't apologize for the huge betrayal of our national security when Ben-Ami Kadish allegedly passed classified U.S. nuclear weaponry documents to Israel.”

Ben-Ami Kadesh, for those of you who haven't heard of him, was reported charged by US authorities with espionage only two days ago. I would imagine that no one at the ZOA even knew who Kadish was at the time they wrote their letter to Anthony, let alone assumed moral responsibility for everything Kadish ever did or didn’t do.

Clearly Ali Elahi doesn’t know, nor care, whether what he says about the ZOA or Kadish is true, false, or ludicrous. His only interest in defending Wright now is to exploit Wright's useful-idiot value as someone who can be counted by Israel's enemies on to lend his voice—the voice that “represents the mission of Jesus”—for parroting Hamas propaganda and other Jew-hating misinformation.

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