Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Allah Created Dhimmitude, But God Created Brigitte Bardot

We see where Brigitte Bardot is on trial for the fifth time for insulting Islam, which she fears is ruining her nation, France. Islam in France, she says, is "destroying our country and imposing its acts".

Brigitte Bardot on trial for Muslim slur

Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:45pm BST

PARIS (Reuters) - French former film star Brigitte Bardot went on trial on Tuesday for insulting Muslims, the fifth time she has faced the charge of "inciting racial hatred" over her controversial remarks about Islam and its followers.

Prosecutors asked that the Paris court hand the 73-year-old former sex symbol a two-month suspended prison sentence and fine her 15,000 euros (12,071 pounds) for saying the Muslim community was "destroying our country and imposing its acts".

Since retiring from the film industry in the 1970s, Bardot has become a prominent animal rights activist but she has also courted controversy by denouncing Muslim traditions and immigration from predominantly Muslim countries.

She has been fined four times for inciting racial hatred since 1997, at first 1,500 euros and most recently 5,000.

Prosecutor Anne de Fontette told the court she was seeking a tougher sentence than usual, adding: "I am a little tired of prosecuting Mrs Bardot."

Bardot did not attend the trial because she said she was physically unable to. The verdict is expected in several weeks.

French anti-racist groups complained last year about comments Bardot made about the Muslim feast of Eid al-Adha in a letter to President Nicolas Sarkozy that was later published by her foundation.

Muslims traditionally mark Eid al-Adha by slaughtering a sheep or another animal to commemorate the prophet Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son on God's orders.
France is home to 5 million Muslims, Europe's largest Muslim community, making up 8 percent of France's population.

"I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its acts," the star of 'And God created woman' and 'Contempt' said.
Bardot has previously said France is being invaded by sheep-slaughtering Muslims and published a book attacking gays, immigrants and the unemployed, in which she also lamented the "Islamisation of France".

So not only has Ms. Bardot a dim view of France being invaded by Islamists, she also doesn't like gays. C'est terrible!

I'm just a bit too young for Brigitte. I was only just being born when And God Created Woman was being filmed.

But even if not for the sake of images like the above, between Ms. Bardot and the Muslim immigrants who have created the no-go zones, I have to sympathize with Ms. Bardot. She must feel strongly about it, to take the same medicine five times.


janice said...


It appears the French have located their spine, at least one of them.

I hope she doesn't have to go into hiding. If she does she'll be in good company!

Nice blog BTW...

Anonymous said...

No freedom of speech there, eh? How sad.

Michael said...

Somehow, I don't think the muslim world will ever produce an image as lovely as that of Ms. Bardot...

Anonymous said...

She was striking, wasn't she? So the lone spine of France is located under all those curves?